Blue Ribbon Smile Poem by Jessy Liz

Blue Ribbon Smile

Rating: 5.0

Red roses on piano keys
She's on her knees.
Black sky against green leaves
She's bleeding.
Needles and poison
She's stumbling.
Rainbow pills- static noise
She's falling.
Ballet shoes, blue ribbons
She's giving in.
Sheet music and classic lines
Oh, she's in denial.
Blueyes slipping, flesh is ripping
Still leaving with a smile.
Star of the show, but no one knows
..Oh, she's dying.

Brian Dorn 01 October 2006

Vivid imagery of the depths that lie beneath the surface... hidden from almost everyone. Good write, Jessy. Brian

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Marilyn White 22 September 2006

Love the line that reads rainbow pills static noise! Reminds me of something i wrote once or maybe it was for a research paper.Also takes me back to a place I once was or maybe I am still there. Keep up the flow

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Frank Simon 22 September 2006

Jessy- just read this poem, hope it's not truly about you. I think I write better if melancholy or depressed. Love the flow and the line, rainbow pills-static noise. Hope this picks you up, or at least embraces you in special way. This poem does for me. Frank

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