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OMG, did you watch ‘Glee’
On 4/11/2013? Did you? !
Those of us who did, saw what
Gun shots in a school can do

We march to our own ‘drummer’
And we are known as ‘Characters’
We’re unique and proud of it
Poets and know it

We’ve made it through four days of study
And work, survival and labor - ‘Well? ’
Looking forward to party time and letting
It all hang out; rockin out with our cocks out

Nice night in June
Stars shine – big moon
In park – on bench
With you – in clench

The underachiever woke up on the wrong
Side of life, or so he supposed with a
Perceived unawareness and a limited view.


Hides in the shadows
of circumstances and
springs upon
each of us as a

There is an obedience
To self that comes and
Goes with time; a precision
Of movement from time

I came here to meet you
Not knowing you exist
At first you appeared
As a fantasy, but now

I love you my friend
Can I make you understand
Why that feeling so warm and exciting
Passes through me at a glance or the

With Mardi Gras’ arrival
Parading down Seawall Blvd
I know that Winter is departing
And Spring is budding

In my writing, now that
The blocks of childhood
Have been recycled into
Kites that dance on the

On a manly man. Shocking?
No, more smile bringing...

Especially once you know that

The winter season blows
A cold wind across the landscape
And we layer the garments
Or stoke the fire -

Has words that speak to me
in syllables calm, clear
loud, emotional
soft, sensual
an outcry, a whisper

</> 'They told me to take a streetcar named Desire,
transfer to one called Cemetery, ride six blocks
and get off at Elysian Fields.'

After the security of childhood
And before the insecurity
Of the second childhood
I found young men known as Soldiers.

Over time and time is a
Breeding ground for
‘Who do you trust’ or
‘Who do you protect’

Was my best friend

Creating life scripts to
explore possibility or

Usually get their way

While causing hardship

Today I have been a Jim Boone
for forty two years, while
most think I am 20-something.

Jim Boone Biography

US Poet Laureate Nominee 2012 - PROOF OF LIFE POET; POINT OF VIEW POETRY, i.e., GAY: Free verse style that has a rhythm, but not a fixed meter. There is something here for all of God's children, and equality is not just for someone who happens to be hetrosexual. 'I Am that I Am.'

I was born with the 'writers soul, ' but that never came out in my English classes in any of the schools I attended. I did, however, write everything down and eventually gave myself permission to call my writings 'poetry.' It was not easy being born a homosexual boy-child in the late 1930s, growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, but that's how this life of mine has played out as I navigated the path I was given at birth. Interestingly enough, my two years in the US Army were the two best years of my life. For the first time I had total male acceptance while serving my country and you'll have to read my poems for any more information on that chapter of my life. Yes, this is a poetic autobiography of the life of this Poet and of many a male, like me in the 'Doo-Dah Days' of the 'Sexual Revolution.' Dance with me.

My first book of poetry is titled 'Somebody Say Amen! ' and can still be found on Amazon occasionally.
In 1993, I began 'The Texas Poetry Project' and began
doing public readings for the first time. In 1997, I
was invited to participate in the 'Art Now' demonstration for Nat'l Endowment for the Arts increased funding by Congress and the Senate: The politicians who control this. In 2001, I was named a
'Distinguished Poet of Dallas' along with other local
poets. In 2011 I received notice that I was being nominated for the title of 'US Poet Laureate' for 2012. 'It's like the lottery, you have to be in it to win it'. The Nomination is everything, especially to an openly Gay Poet 'whose poetry also speaks to other observations of life which all people can relate to'. Many, many thanks to Jake Sitters for that nomination.
I love living on Galveston Island off the coast of my native Texas.

NOTICE FROM JIM BOONE: When you go to read my poetry,
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The Best Poem Of Jim Boone

School Violence

OMG, did you watch ‘Glee’
On 4/11/2013? Did you? !
Those of us who did, saw what
Gun shots in a school can do
To teachers and students in
A most profound, unnerving way.

How, at such a young age can
You face ‘the end’ of a life that
Is barely begun – how?

As an educator, how do you
Come to super-hero time to
Save your charges who just
Want to graduate and check
Out this life stuff? How do you?

When you collide with ‘the end’
And escape its finality, celebrate
Each emotion that greets you at
The stage door and turns you
Around to meet those who are
Important in your life, and sing,
And say and do what you need to.

School violence is about the drugged
Times that overpower reason and
The arsenal of opportunities to
Acquire secret ends with malice of
No thought, residing in a brain dead
Before the departure of soul, in a coma
Of life without the touch and guidance
That childhood must receive on the
Road to awareness and graduating
Circumstances. Say and do what
You must to nourish and escape
The outcome of darkness into the
Light of education and continuation.

Each soul in human bondage is in
Need of love and strength.

Acknowledge this with each smile,
Each exchange eye-to-eye.


For the families of those killed by gun
violence and the politics that foster
this in schools, and for the writers and
actors who give voice to life so we all
can understand the basics of ‘right’ and
the variables of the opposites.

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Jim Boone 28 January 2019


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Jim Boone 17 January 2014

Come on now, help me out. I have gotten some much appreciated comments about what you have read and 'liked' on here. Please take time to record your comments so others might be persuaded to take time and give a read. Thanks, Jim

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Hayden Shreeve 12 July 2012

Jim would have to be one of the most refreshing poets i have had the pleasure of reading. His writing style is unique, passionate and inspiring. I enjoy his work very much

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Smoky Hoss 25 October 2011

Jim is a fine writer, a wonderful poet. I find inspiration alongside admiration for him and his poetry. I thoroughly enjoy reading his work. I look forward to reading all of his new poems.

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