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Three German women, off to an auction
Point to a bakery and cry
One says, “Yum! I’ll pay any sum
For the pleasure of tasting that pie.”

I really tried to like her class, I really really tried.
I'm more a math and science guy where cold hard facts abide.
But English Lit was teasing me the day she gave that test,
When we were asked to simply tell which books we found the best

This poem needs more than just rhyming
It also needs lots of good timing
I know that each line
Must sound mighty fine

It was a simple time of life
Sierra trails devoid of strife
I was a young man on the go
Where the Tuolumne did flow

I found a box of palindromes
Surely you're glad I had 'em
Here's one straight from the catacombs
'Madam in Eden I'm Adam'

The candidates shout please observe us
They promise free programs with service
Forget about labor
It's paid by your neighbor

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The Right Time To Die

The toddler sleeps with ashen cheeks and fingers pale and cold,
Across the street the crippled man regrets he still grows old.
Departure’s never easy, be it dusk or dawn or noon,
It seems to me we live too long, or else we die too soon.

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Jim Franckum Popularity

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