High School English Poem by Jim Franckum

High School English

Rating: 3.5

I really tried to like her class, I really really tried.
I'm more a math and science guy where cold hard facts abide.
But English Lit was teasing me the day she gave that test,
When we were asked to simply tell which books we found the best

Lord of the Flies had haunted me, so on this theme I wrote:
That people choose to band in groups when stuck in lands remote.
'No no my boy, you're clearly wrong, ' she wrote next to C Plus.
And I returned to comic books, for lit'rature I could trust.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: books,high school
Jazib Kamalvi 17 April 2017

An interesting educational work. Thanks

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Kim Barney 27 November 2016

I loved the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. (And hated parts of it at the same time!) Never got to read it in school, though. Had to read it on my own later. I can remember that we had to read Macbeth in Senior English, and memorize 100 lines of it to get an 'A', but I can't remember what we had to read during any of my other school years!

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Spock The Vegan 17 February 2016

Reminds me of my English literature teacher who I despised. I took a charged capacitor to school in my pocket. I took it carefully out by the pigtail lead and put it on my desk. Then I picked it up by the can, being careful not to touch the lead. I spun it back and forth so the lead twirled in the air. Mr. Hunsaker was tempted beyond his power to resist. He came up and grabbed it. It shocked us both, but it was worth it. Surprisingly, he gave it back to me.

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Kim Barney 27 November 2016

Ooooh, what a mean trick! A human would never have done that, Spock, but of course you are from another planet.

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