Jinal Oswal Poems

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I Miss My Childhood

I miss my childhood,
Miss my mommy’s lap,
The lullabies that my grandpa sung,
The breakfast my granny prepared for me.

********** A Sunny Day **********

It was a sunny day,
With you shinning bright,
You being my sun,
And lighting my life with your light.

A Good Night Prayer

</></>Another day has ended
With the arrival of the night
Thank you Lord, for showing us today’s light.


I feel lonely,
When I miss your voice,
When you give me a choice.

I Will Love You Always

I will love you, in the springs, when everything is fresh green and new
I will love you in the summers, when the sky is clear and blue
I will love you in the autumn, when the leaves are falling down
I will love you in the rains, when the raindrops wet you through

A Lovely Dream, A Secret Wish

I dream of an ocean
Dolphins enjoying themselves
Sharks out for hunt
All the penguins in front.

Lost In The Crowd

I was lost in the crowd,
A crowd which no one can dream about.
I go to everyone, one by one,
In case if they can help me.

Wish You A Happy New Year 2012

With the hopes that the coming year doesn’t bend
You be in the pink of your health
I wish you are showered with wealth
Love live your heart

A Soft Corner

A soft corner
Where there is just me
No one else to take over

A Heart Turns To A Stone

A mother starts hating her child
A father sends his son to exile
A flowers is crushed by someone
A wife lives a life like that of a nun

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