Jinal Oswal Poems

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********** A Sunny Day **********

It was a sunny day,
With you shinning bright,
You being my sun,
And lighting my life with your light.


There are many sentences which the mouth cannot convey…
There are many messages which neither of the services can deliver…
There are many words which are not expressed when seriously needed…
There are many actions which are not promoted in the right way…

A Good Night Prayer

</></>Another day has ended
With the arrival of the night
Thank you Lord, for showing us today’s light.

Lost In The Crowd

I was lost in the crowd,
A crowd which no one can dream about.
I go to everyone, one by one,
In case if they can help me.

A Lovely Dream, A Secret Wish

I dream of an ocean
Dolphins enjoying themselves
Sharks out for hunt
All the penguins in front.

A Ball

I want to go away
On a secret place
Where I can stand still
Where there is no race

A Heart Turns To A Stone

A mother starts hating her child
A father sends his son to exile
A flowers is crushed by someone
A wife lives a life like that of a nun

I Will Love You Always

I will love you, in the springs, when everything is fresh green and new
I will love you in the summers, when the sky is clear and blue
I will love you in the autumn, when the leaves are falling down
I will love you in the rains, when the raindrops wet you through

Wish You A Happy New Year 2012

With the hopes that the coming year doesn’t bend
You be in the pink of your health
I wish you are showered with wealth
Love live your heart


Look into my eyes and you will see an ocean
Here yow will see the various colored fishes
These are the black colored fishes
They are trying and covering me with the storm clouds, so that I drown

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