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It was a sunny day,
With you shinning bright,
You being my sun,
And lighting my life with your light.

There are many sentences which the mouth cannot convey…
There are many messages which neither of the services can deliver…
There are many words which are not expressed when seriously needed…
There are many actions which are not promoted in the right way…

</></>Another day has ended
With the arrival of the night
Thank you Lord, for showing us today’s light.

I was lost in the crowd,
A crowd which no one can dream about.
I go to everyone, one by one,
In case if they can help me.

I dream of an ocean
Dolphins enjoying themselves
Sharks out for hunt
All the penguins in front.

I want to go away
On a secret place
Where I can stand still
Where there is no race

A mother starts hating her child
A father sends his son to exile
A flowers is crushed by someone
A wife lives a life like that of a nun

I will love you, in the springs, when everything is fresh green and new
I will love you in the summers, when the sky is clear and blue
I will love you in the autumn, when the leaves are falling down
I will love you in the rains, when the raindrops wet you through

With the hopes that the coming year doesn’t bend
You be in the pink of your health
I wish you are showered with wealth
Love live your heart


Look into my eyes and you will see an ocean
Here yow will see the various colored fishes
These are the black colored fishes
They are trying and covering me with the storm clouds, so that I drown

Everything around me is telling me an untold story
The winds ask me to approach you
The flowers ask me to woo you
The water suggests me that I am stable and I can do it

It’s been a long time now
I think, sitting beside the window
Feeling low
Trust me, it’s not a show.


I feel lonely,
When I miss your voice,
When you give me a choice.

I don’t know how the things go wrong,
When my intentions are meant to be right..
I don’t know how I make someone feel bad,
When I want them to feel good..


I feel the need of the things to settle down,
I feel the need of we living in a town,
I feel the need of holding your hand,
I feel the need of we being tied in one band,

A soft corner
Where there is just me
No one else to take over

I close my eyes,
To see you through my memories….
I start thinking about you,
And find you near….

I got up to see the brightest of all the mornings,
Thought that the things will change for all the beings....

Went out to see the atmosphere,

Tonight is a blue moon day
Where the moon looks joyous and gay
The wind so perfect
Carrying the love the moon reflects

Let's forget the present
And live the past again
Where you were my GOD
And I was your small Angel

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********** A Sunny Day **********

It was a sunny day,
With you shinning bright,
You being my sun,
And lighting my life with your light.
The day turns to noon,
You call me down,
I come in a hurry,
To hear you say we’re going downtown.
I hold you with a sheepish smile,
To my surprise you say we are travelling a mile,
We go riding down the roads,
Cutting the winds that flowed.
I can see you in the mirror,
You appear to me like my teddy bear,
Unsure of telling you how much I love you baby,
Making me nervous and gabby.
We returned back,
I found myself amused by your knack,
Surprised and amazed I went inside,
My eyes filled with pride.
I found the photo you developed,
Felt the love that you enveloped,
Thank you baby for this perfect day,
I wish you always be my sunny ray.

@copyrights reserved with Author.

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Good poems, I liked them

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Unwritten Soul 14 October 2011

Inking good poetry could be hard, make many give up, should be interesting who likes it, even it hard...If you have good time keep writing, the hands you have can craft a good poetry and i dont think it's hard for you..All the best Jinal Oswal_Unwritten Soul

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