Fish! Poem by Jinal Oswal


Rating: 5.0

Look into my eyes and you will see an ocean
Here yow will see the various colored fishes
These are the black colored fishes
They are trying and covering me with the storm clouds, so that I drown
Go deep and you will see red colored fishes
They are eating my flesh, so that I look like a rotten egg
Here, these are multicolored fishes
They are trying to rip me off my feelings, so that I am a dead stone
The ones on your right are white colored fishes
They are trying hard to produce some kind of irritation in my eyes, so that you see me crying
Here comes the biggest fish, please save me….
I am dying!

Hans Vr 20 February 2012

Very original images used in this context. Great poem. There is always a little light inside our soul A little light inside our heart. Am sure you will find it and let it brighten your day

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 22 January 2012

Brilliantly written poem Jinal, just adopt an i am a surviver attitude and stop! this poem is superb.

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Jacqui Broad 22 January 2012

Don't cry, little Nemo, please. In this world that consists of more water than land, you will survive. This poem is really written well, it's beautiful.

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Unwritten Soul 20 January 2012

Oh lil fish, cry just cry but your tears never seen in dear fish, dont scare you wont drown, go deeper and you will safe..this is your land and your air is water..breathe my fish friend, breathe this is your world where you own your own way....find you friends, crab, prawn and shells, you will see you are smoother to move so dont cry or keep cry coz your tears never seen nor wont will be bigger a bigger fish to save yourself, as but big fish cant save others if it never take lesson when it was a lil learn learn more lil fish in your colors you will survive between the corals until you bigger_Unwritten Soul

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Dave Walker 20 January 2012

A really great poem, liked it.

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