********** A Sunny Day ********** Poem by Jinal Oswal

********** A Sunny Day **********

Rating: 3.0

It was a sunny day,
With you shinning bright,
You being my sun,
And lighting my life with your light.
The day turns to noon,
You call me down,
I come in a hurry,
To hear you say we’re going downtown.
I hold you with a sheepish smile,
To my surprise you say we are travelling a mile,
We go riding down the roads,
Cutting the winds that flowed.
I can see you in the mirror,
You appear to me like my teddy bear,
Unsure of telling you how much I love you baby,
Making me nervous and gabby.
We returned back,
I found myself amused by your knack,
Surprised and amazed I went inside,
My eyes filled with pride.
I found the photo you developed,
Felt the love that you enveloped,
Thank you baby for this perfect day,
I wish you always be my sunny ray.

@copyrights reserved with Author.

Dave Walker 27 September 2011

Like this a good poem. And a good write. Thankyou very much for your kind comments On my poems.

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Hans Vr 15 September 2011

I like very much the rhyming in the poem. Very well written. Especially the last two lines are really great.

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Earlyta 29 November 2020

Good poem for my school the poem is all rhyme thank you ??????

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Miracle 07 July 2020

Wow I love the poem love you so much

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Unwritten Soul 19 January 2015

Its a great to have sunny day and sunny smile, i wish both upon ur days...thanks dear hinal for always never forget to keep in touch with me, wish you very best year in this 201..even more when it go upward... :) _Soul

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Richard McClellan 19 October 2011

Very good Jinal, I really like this poem and it flowed together nicely, thought to thought.

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Jacqui Broad 13 October 2011

I could feel your sunny day's rays on me. Thanks for sharing the sunshine... :)

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