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I am a fresh blown bubble,
Just born with lots of care.
I'm undecided if I'll burst
Or fly into the air.

He stands silently looking seaward,
Perhaps longing to be free?
To be free from land's firm clutches
To roam the endless sea?

'I'll do it much later',
Means 'Never at all'.
'I'll be there in a minute',
Means 'Perhaps by nightfall'.

It's just my eye that you can see,
Come closer now, can you see me?
I'm locked in here against my will,
They tell me I am very ill.

I have a place called heaven
Where my spirits rise and soar -
It's the chair by the TV,
When Countdown's on at four.

I've got Germolene for spots,
Head and Shoulders for my scalp.
I've got Olay for my dry skin,
Vaseline for hands so chapped.

He's got her finally in his grasp.
He smiles in silent contentment.
She loved him at first sight - lost her appetite.
Now her flesh sags - lost between her bones.

Houselights hue domestic bliss.
Curtains drawn, some still apart.
A distant engine gently purrs.
Night-time fodder for the heart.


I've got hammers, some screwdrivers,
I've got wrenches by the score.
I've got screws - Yes, bags of nails,
A hundred hinges for fifty doors.

She takes her break at half eleven.
She never eats roast beef nor ham.
She wouldn't touch pate nor bacon.
For her it's always strawberry jam.

It's noisy here tonight,
The thud of darkness descending,
The searing of grass growing,
Banshees making merry.

I told her that I loved her,
Her body then petite,
In her tight blue sixties tunic,
She was bubbly, slim and neat.

They remind me, so much, of their dogs,
Some lanky, some very thick set.
Some so short, some are tall,
Others awfully small,

I'm a mug without a handle,
I'm a door without a hinge.
Unattached - not a member -
No! I never did fit in.

Down amongst the cabbages,
In amongst the peas,
Trying to get their five-a-day
To keep the Government pleased.

Do not post your poem here
Unless you've something worth a say!
You must not waste a space like this,
For space can waste away!

I'll keep it short,
With lines - just three.
There - I've named it - Brevity!

Awakened by crowds,

Won't you look behind this mask,
This hair, these teeth,
This smile so dark!
Won't you delve, make more free -

I believe in God,
Or do I anymore?
I join my hands in prayer
But what for - I'm not quite sure.

Joe Hughes Biography

Born in Drogheda, Ireland. Now living in Sussex, England. The bits in between are in my poetry which I'd love you to read. Best wishes, Joe)

The Best Poem Of Joe Hughes

A Bubble

I am a fresh blown bubble,
Just born with lots of care.
I'm undecided if I'll burst
Or fly into the air.

I'm yellow, blue, some red and green
Six inches is my size.
I hover round the patio
But the sky is still my prize.

I've almost hit a garden chair,
I've just skimmed past a fence.
I've cleared some hedges and a shed,
I wobble as I dance.

And now I'm soaring, Oh! so high,
I never will come down.
I've cleared the eaves of houses
And I'm heading into town!

Goodbye young child way down below,
The world now lies in store.
But a cheeky bird just pecked at me
And now I am no more!

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Joe Hughes Comments

Francis Duggan 17 August 2017

Joe Hughes is a poet who writes with a sense of humor that is infectious, i am just one of many who enjoy reading his whimsical poetry he reminds me in his style of writing of James Stephens, Joe is just one of those people who does not take himself too seriously and there ought to be more like him, good on you Joe keep them coming.

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Steven Taylor 20 November 2009

Thank you for the kind comments on my poems. I like the Bubble. I tend to be a positive poet who emphasizes the positive mood. I began writing poetry by experimenting with everything. You have good riming. It is interesting that you and I took opposite objectives. In Fog, I was placing the emphasis on the negative acpects and ended with the positive, and you placed your emphasis on the positive and ended with the negative. I am sorry to hear about the demise of your bubble! Steve Taylor

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Lucianne Fasolo 23 August 2007

I can't believe there is no comments here about you, you're in my favorite poem list! ! ! Joe's poems are witty, very sarcastic at times and I love his simple but brilliant way of writing. He's really talented!

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'Your job is to sit there, look beautiful and say yes at the appropriate moment! '

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