John Madger Poems

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Through My Own Eyes

Through my own eyes I have seen many things,
I have seen the horror of pain and agony,
I have seen the joy of love and exhilaration,

Can She

As I sit and ponder I feel amiss, for the woman I love wonders alone,
As she journeys through trial and tribulation she feels cold, cold and lacking
Lacking and yearning for the joy of her life. I try to imagine a deed I may do, to help guide her away form the toil of desperation.


What should I do?
Where should I go?
Where am I?

A Heart To Carry

How do you feel with out a heart?
How do you see, breathe, hear, or touch?
The only way for one to know is have lost their heart.
How does someone loose ones heart?

To Love And Hate The Rain

I love and hate you like the rain,
The joy of life, the bringer of pain,

Clean and beautiful, an autumns’ delight,