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Emptied entirely
All the tears drip
Each drop, wasted
All Rusted

In an empty sky
We could lie
And watch the sun pass by


The mouth watering taste of forbidden fruits
Is what they say attracts doomed lovers
And once the foreign taste touches your lips
Makes your mind flip

I shiver, sweat, sleep not.
Once you where a lover,

The scrap, critter!
-mess I miss
How you linger like lost litter

Lost, lost in this frost
A warm fire, a dire dream
I am
Lost, lost in the deep


Rain drips and drops
Slowly, spilling, sipping
To the earth from thunderous
Clouds. Could be millions

The sun trimmed the night sky
Little by little as the stars said “bye”
a male humming birds hum
While he sip the flowers’ rum

</>Speak sinner
What shall you chant.
Weak spinster
Now afraid to dance, you slant.

Driving across the country
I gazed at trees, all bare
The houses all shacks
Tightly packed.


From the gray rock,
The lizard, pale, stocks
For insect prey,
And afar a passing

bees buzzing ‘bout flourishing flowers
Each continuously cantabile until they reach a creeper.

A pilots persuades a plane’s buzz;


To Sara
I read your drama

On a volcanic fault
Lava spills, cools, plies
Over and over
Until its over.


Falling I fell only to be, felt, lifted by your strings
With wooden skin, she speaks for me, similar to a puppet
Locked in, Pinocchio’s thoughts, a box you brought

Titanium of Kwale:
The soil,
Black as oil,
You have so much potential.

Lets lie,
I wont share my pie,
My essences, existence
My stance,


If lovers loved
And it wasn’t issues
Of loneliness in my bed
Then parting wouldn’t need tissue

From the podium,
All this seems like a delirium
The theme in them
The location holy to them

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Emptied entirely
All the tears drip
Each drop, wasted
All Rusted
And your kisses
Now disses
Fading, wailing,
Sailing, you float
Away, and am
Not gay, sad
They say
Deep in my pupils
now thin like sharp pencils,
Is where they say
They see my lost ways
And when once I saw you iris
I knew my pupils place,
But it seems they could not pace
With your face,
And lost midway, on mine they stayed

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Alicia Meyers 22 January 2012

A wonderful writer he is. He describes his writing perfectly and wonderfully. Keep on going, John. :)

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