Pupils Poem by john wake


Rating: 4.7

Emptied entirely
All the tears drip
Each drop, wasted
All Rusted
And your kisses
Now disses
Fading, wailing,
Sailing, you float
Away, and am
Not gay, sad
They say
Deep in my pupils
now thin like sharp pencils,
Is where they say
They see my lost ways
And when once I saw you iris
I knew my pupils place,
But it seems they could not pace
With your face,
And lost midway, on mine they stayed

Wahab Abdul 29 February 2012

A good thought expressed in a good free verse, a great write.

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Ramesh Rai 02 April 2012

interesting and amazing too, a good job.

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Binish Cd 14 March 2012

very good flow of words.........a very good poem.....

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Ananda Gopan 08 March 2012

nice...i liked dis poem..gud language.

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J.b. Lebuert 01 March 2012

Quite interesting and it fooled me with the title and subject. I liked it! Write On

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Naomi Hinshaw-hersh 01 March 2012

I like it! If this is what you call free verse, it's still poetry to me. It has rhyme and a measure of rhythm and THAT'S what poetry is all about. All else is prose and prose by any other name is still prose.

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john wake

john wake

mombasa, kenya
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