Trying Terza Tima Poem by john wake

Trying Terza Tima

The scrap, critter!
-mess I miss
How you linger like lost litter

Unwanted! Fear drawn drowns bliss
As actions accounted
Lack consequences, but lessons no less

Plain, pleasure has fled
Or is it in my head
Pillows are no cushion while in bed

Just rocks resting below my head
But I imagine the race still in place
While the rest have lead

I uncounted take this stance
Since no prize or place for my past
Only a thought of one more chance

So I cannot rest
Till I know am part of the that cast.

John wake 10 November 2011

well jacqui, its more of not accepting the race has been ran n more abt thinking you can some get back into it, ie denial

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Jacqui Broad 10 November 2011

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I love these lines... Pillows are no cushion while in bed, just rocks resting below my head. We are damned if we can't even find peace in sleep...

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George Krokos 04 November 2011

Hi John, this is a very deep meaning poem and one can grasp different perceptions from it that you try to bring across to the reader. Keep trying...and Well Done!

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john wake

john wake

mombasa, kenya
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