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I am inanimate.
My face is diamond, beautiful but cold.

I would lie awake
reading your lies in the dead of night
over and over
'til dawns subtle light

Your eyes...
they never search for me.

Your lips...

Hope is gone
I try to be strong
But it feels so wrong
to let it all go


He felt it
tugging at him
trying so hard

I wait
for the day

when no one kills

I've been living in the past
for far too long,
been thinking about you,
been singing our songs...


A restless spirit,
a wandering ghost
memories from lifetimes ago
and unfinished business

All that I loved you with has died
and I loved you with all the light I had inside
where once brilliant colors lay

Honey sweet notes
drift in,
drift out
banish the bitter taste in my mouth.

Love and Time

are the worst of enemies
Where one lingers

You're like a drug
a dangerous addiction
make me feel something's real
when I know its only fiction.


Moving through the soul
weaving it's way around my essence
all that lies within

Poetry doesn't always help
communicate your pain

For breaking me down,
for cutting me open,
for digging in the knife
as you whispered in your goddess smooth voice

he threw it on everyday
before entering the stage
It was a simple character
he was trying to portray.

Sometimes moving on
doesn't mean forgetting the feelings...

Sometimes it means

They say I'm not allowed to know you
because my so called sins
(you, personally, never said that right?)
are different than theirs.

Do you notice,
how he still searches for you,
how his eyes wander over the crowd
looking for the one he loves?

The Best Poem Of Johnny Monroe

Inanimate Object (I.E. Me)

I am inanimate.
My face is diamond, beautiful but cold.
My smile is hidden behind cement lips.
I have eyes of steel
Planted into my quartz body.
Icy cold glass is stuck into my ribcage
where my ruby heart use to lie.
Lava flows throughout my veins.
I am inanimate.

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Johnny Monroe Popularity

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