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I'm a single father, I don't own a gun.I drive an '84 subaru. I go to college in Missoula Montana sometimes. I prefer Jameson over JD. I like Jack Londen, John Fante, Charles Bukowski, Paul Bowles, Iassic Asimov, William Blake, Dylan Thomas, Kurt Vonnegut, James Clavell, David Eggers, and David Eddings. I love mountain bikes, hiking, camping, backp ...

Jon Edward Walker Poems

I Don'T Even Remember Your Name

you with the blonde hair
who smoked too much weed
you were my favorite.
High on cough syrup


you're covered in bruises
and dark circles adorn both eyes
I overhear you say your name
and I feel your laughter

A Woman’s Role

I really do hate the world
all the world
except the girls
or at least their

Thoughts On Hangovers:

I find it funny
watching and hearing others
complain of hangovers
I’m always hungover or drunk

Another Stupid ‘faraway, Long Time Ago’ Bullshit Poem

In faraway land lies
my dignity.
My shame and love
dance together

Jon Edward Walker Comments

Joy Vanderhelm 21 January 2006

I find your work amusing, dark, gritty, drunkenly hilarious (with or without the drink) and absolutely chock full of talent. Often some of the greatest artists attribute their amazing talents to the influences of other greats that came before them. But, you should know, you have more than enough talent to stand alone, indeed, to positively thrive in the public realm of published works. You're definitely one of the few poets here that I gladly make repeat visits to.

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 07 December 2005

i've read your entire catalogue, and must say you have the heart and mind of a poet and write some strong and impressive work. it struck me how heavily you rely on Bukowski to find your angles and words, which isn't so bad. but Bukowski's already been those dark places, done all that. a poet with as much talent as you have really should consider finding his own voice and his own words. trust me, there is a slew of Chinaski clones out there trying to carry his torch. but the man is dead, his torch has been buried with him. you're already off to a great great start. keep writing, you've got a fan here. Jake

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Mary Nagy 02 November 2005

Jon, I really have been enjoying your poems. I appreciate the honesty you write with. Your bio. is a poem in itself! Very interesting. I look forward to reading more from you. Sincerely, Mary

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