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Said the old woman
while holding
her lover's hand

Be still, loves, be still!

Find the happy medium
that path to enlightenment

I spent twelve hours in the factory
to put heat in the house
and pay for the house
and put food on my family's table

It is not a cat.
Do not stand quietly
waiting for it to come.

Your lips stole my breath
the first time they touched
and not even death
could scare me so much


There's a glitch in the matrix
and I've seen this before.
Why, I've written this
a thousand times

it does not look like what we imagine.
Often it resembles the shape of a red blood cell
though clear, colorless and reflective as glass.

A lion paces
the cage of the head
of the bipedal mammal
who dreams

passed by in aisle eight at the grocery store.
Your eyes met mine and your hand, reaching
for a box of cereal, hesitated as you returned

A flare of anger
a stark reply

a scowl, indifferent

Dear grandmother,

your pottery
is immaculate,

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Joseph studied poetry at USI and has been writing poetry for 15 years. He has two published collections of original poems, " The Traveler's Eye: Early Poems" published 2009 by Author House and " All That I Am: Selected Poems 2009-2017" . He also served as editor of anthology 'Instagram Poets You'll Want To Follow' in 2020. Joseph resides in Indiana, USA with his wife and two children.)

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Elixer Of Love

Said the old woman
while holding
her lover's hand

so you want to know
the secret?
the elixir of love?

two cups side by side
one for each
coffee in the morning
wine at night

take dose daily

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This poem is splendid

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