Joseph S. Josephides Poems

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Amazon River

Why, State, your eyes don’t see the Amazon River?
Tsiko said 'Amazon is life' and you agreed to save it.
Why the horsemen of interests invaded in the night?
Their bullet entered Tsiko’s chest but invades your own.

Do They Hear?

Since you hear the notes you do write,
birds, leaves, wind, heavy shower, so how
come, they consider you a hearing impaired?

Aphrodite And Li Bai

The wine with its grace
purifies my grief.
When in bed, the two candlesticks
are the flames of your very eyes.

The Other Bird

The other bird am I. I belong to nobody,
I don’t wake up and depart just to fetch food,
and then get back to sleep and wake up anew.

Goddess In Love

Athena, when you saved us with Hercules
from the Stymphalides Fowls, you wanted other things.
Neither honours, nor hecatombs.

Nature's Advice

‘The two pitchers on pole, hanged on your nape,
consider them as your children.
Do not ignore the one that is feeble.
Give praise to the pitcher on your right that does a good job,

The Window

Stretch your hand and open the window,

maybe a sunbeam drops in,
in a zigzag way, by reflection,

I Is You

I am the stone, Rimbaud, you are the sun in our Liopetri*,
you the wine, me the ship going to the harbour of love,
we are two stars joined by the celestial lace.

In The Beginning It Was Spice

I, Antonio Pigafetta, nobleman of Vicenza,
highly recommended, I joined the crew of Maggelan
on the way to Mollucs, towards the target of spice.

Your Name

In my short coffee-pot
the small bubbles
emitting vapour
whisper your name.

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