Nature's Advice Poem by Joseph S. Josephides

Nature's Advice

Rating: 4.8

‘The two pitchers on pole, hanged on your nape,
consider them as your children.
Do not ignore the one that is feeble.
Give praise to the pitcher on your right that does a good job,
since it remains integral and transports its water, yet,
support the pitcher on your left that is leaking due to a crack'.

`Nature, how can I support it? ’, the old villager asks.

`You better sow seeds in the left side of the pathway'.

Thus, the pitchers lived well and the villager better.
The cracked pitcher irrigates a road-strip of thousand metres;
The lucky villager now owns a long garden, no need to water it,
and produces beautiful flowers for his house and for selling.

'Even the unlucky ones are blessed; they reward you with joy.
Give a drop of water to the cactus and receive a rare flower. So,
accept the feeble, discover his capabilities that hides from you'.

© JosephJosephides

Tailor Bell 22 September 2006

an enduring philosophy. nice work. -Tailor B.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 20 September 2008

A poem with optimal maturity. Very nice.10++

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Edgar Andrade Baguio 23 September 2008

Optimism in the mind of the persona, and hopefully the addressees may catch it as well. Yeah, this is indeed another reflection of the concluded summer Olympics. Nice strokes.

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Claudine Ely Rivera 25 September 2008

This is a nice poem! Let us save the world through are poems! And Thank you for the comment to my poem 'Global Warming'.

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Lily Law 25 September 2009

This poem is a beauty with a deep philosophy that makes you think. And the mellow rhythm is kinda soothing your mind and soul. Love it... ^-^

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djean Whitney 09 April 2009

This makes me think, I enjoyed reading this piece very much!

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Nora Eason 27 September 2008

well another great poem.

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Philippa Lane 27 September 2008

I am honoured that you would dedicate a poem to me. I think this a most meaningful and deep poem. It flows well and leaves me thinking. You are a talented poet. Thank you so much.

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Sadiqullah Khan 27 September 2008

A very nice poem, the question that is posed in the first stanza(creating tension) is addressed in the secong, , very fine imagery it was pleasure reading it, , a 10

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