Do They Hear? Poem by Joseph S. Josephides

Do They Hear?

Rating: 4.8

Since you hear the notes you do write,
birds, leaves, wind, heavy shower, so how
come, they consider you a hearing impaired?

You hear even hero Zako* when he laughs
in front of the gallows listening in your Heroica.
You sing together with Anna Frank in the loft,
`people, when they are singing are so gentle'.
Do the Europeans hear your sound in the anthem?

Now in your bed, pneumonia plays violin for you,
hepatitis plays piano, dropsy strikes crust. With iodine
you compose on sheets, using nail as quill. Do they hear
the ladder you step on? The Fantasia? Do they hear
the wolf chatting with the lamb in the Pastoral Symphony?

The Ninth Symphony stretches the pillars,
transforms them into harp strings, for a vibration
celestial. Do those bloody deaf hear, Ludwig?

I can hear you performing in that painting of Rafael:
you leave on earth musical instruments to Saints,
and you rise with angels for the heavenly anthem**.

© JosephJosephides

* The hero of Cyprus Andreas Zakos, before he was hanged he asked as 'last wish' to hear Herioc Symphony of Beethoven (Ηρωϊκή Συμφωνία) .

** Inspired by a relative painting of Raphael

Dynamic with fantasy Peter Joseph

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<font color =fusha>Amy 15 September 2008

lovely, but sad *pneumonia* part - captures the readers soul and heart

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Onelia Avelar 25 September 2008

I noticed that one needs to be well prepared, in order to get all your references to different personages from the world's history and literature in some of your poems, though even by simple reading, just by the sound of words, the rhythm and the own way with words are perceivable. Best regards, onelia

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Koyel Mitra 26 September 2008

Lovely, educational poem.A 10!

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Kesav Easwaran 30 November 2008

a master piece of your own, Joseph...this poem shows the depth of your reads and your insight into your writes... a ten for sure

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Sarwar Chowdhury 11 October 2008

Ammmmazing thoughtful compact composition! .....10++++

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 03 October 2008

I can hear the musing in your adrenalin induced piece.Excellent Joseph!

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Anjali Sinha 26 September 2008

lovely poem with celestial vibrations +10 regards anjalie

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Raynette Eitel 26 September 2008

Ah Joseph, I wonder also from my vantage of age, whether people can hear the melodies pressing in my heart and can they see the things I see from all the years gone by. This poem expresses that thought so well and in such a literary way. Thanks for this one. Raynette

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