In The Beginning It Was Spice Poem by Joseph S. Josephides

In The Beginning It Was Spice

Rating: 4.8

I, Antonio Pigafetta, nobleman of Vicenza,
highly recommended, I joined the crew of Maggelan
on the way to Mollucs, towards the target of spice.

Beginning in the dark, ending in black Green Cape,
we lost souls, ships, then our captain in Philippines.
We cried, starved, insulted, but we kept the belief
from warrior Pacific down to the Cape of Good Hope.

We, eighteen souls saved out of two hundred fifty
did what? Only to save the honoured name of Spain.
Aboard Victoria we bring home the triumphant spice;
though bitter, is sweet on the palate, albeit as ash
of a dead, earns golden bars for our home treasury.

I fetch a fortune in the harbour Sanlukar de Barrameda
after three years, not twenty as Odysseus who came
back with empty hands. It's the spice, our daily bread.
Your Majesty, I confess: in the beginning it was spice.
Yet, what lands and titles you counterbalance for me?

© JosephJosephides

Kesav Easwaran 29 September 2008

spice...not in the beginning alone...still it is...a poem dignified and eloquent...10

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Greenwolfe 1962 28 September 2008

Is there a more natural story of the ways of the world than this. A recommended lesson for the youngest among us. GW62

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Sadiqullah Khan 27 September 2008

What a reference to the spice trade back in history, it is a voyage, , , , linking history and events with epic expression i learn here, , so nice a 10

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Gargi Saha 22 September 2008

a nice poem with many experiences............

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Sid John Gardner. 21 September 2008

A 'Spicey' Poem Joseph.At one time oriental spices were almost as valuable and sought after as gold.Spices were used not just as complementary additions to food but were used in healing and medical practices.An interesting and well thought out poem Joseph. Sid.

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