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1. Death 4/29/2009
2. Death Letter 4/29/2009
3. Downtown 4/29/2009
4. Our Game 4/29/2009
5. So Many Free Men 4/29/2009
6. The Duck 4/29/2009
7. The Invisible Man 4/29/2009
8. With Eyes Like His 4/29/2009
9. Fantastic 4/30/2009
10. Garden Song 4/30/2009
11. Addiction 4/30/2009
12. Creepy 5/12/2009
13. She Never Stops 5/12/2009
14. Living Light, Dying Night 5/12/2009
15. Duck Feet 4/28/2009
16. Ralph 4/28/2009
17. Wife Forgives Killer Elephant 4/29/2009
18. The Bulge 4/29/2009
19. Capital Square 4/29/2009
20. My Old Man 4/29/2009

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My Old Man

His saggy eye lids and rough,
weathered skin,
remind me of a rainy day.
Dark blue eyes as cold as the Atlantic chill me to the bone.
The brown spots and dead skin patches on his bald head,
are like battle wounds,
which he has received over the years.

His unsteady hand shyly grasps his sable cane.
His three lonesome limbs longing for their missing brother,
taken from them many years ago on a beach in France.

Blinding gold medals and silver stars,
overshadow the Purple Heart,
but do not hide it.
His navy blue suit with yellow lining and a ...

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Duck Feet

If I had duck feet,
I'd walk an odd duck walk.
People would send funny looks my way.

If I had duck feet,
I'd swim really fast.
I could win all the races,
If i had little webbed duck feet.

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