I Guess I`ve Always Been A Bum Poem by Joshua Bantum

I Guess I`ve Always Been A Bum

Places I’ve slept:

Mattresses; Callie-Kings, Just kings, queens, twins, doubles, fold out, drop-out,

Vehicles; truck, truck cabs, cars, car trunks, in bed with/without camper shell, old trucks, new trucks,
Back seat, front seat, by men, with women, alone.

Houses; 1st story,2nd story, SF-36th story, S.F.3rd story, kitchens; on table tops, on stoves, bathrooms; on toilet, in shower, inside shower curtain, on sink, bedrooms, hers, his, their; mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, animals cages; dogs and cats, on roofs; 1st stories,2nd stories,6th story, and on floors; tile, carpet, wood, dirt, concrete.

Couchs; love seats; by myself, with her, felt ones, leather, pleather, Jap style, French fake fur, no cushions, extra cushions,

Outside, inside, forest, cold, hot, freezing, not, tent or without, bridges under rain, rivers and it’s spitty splash, Ocean and it’s mist, mountains and their sunsets, in lawns; yours, fathers, mothers.
Drugged out, mushrooms, coke, acid, drunk, sober, coming up and down, wrapped around your shaking recovery, and sweating within my own

Homes; yours, his, fathers and mothers, grandmothers, and x-grandparents, the churches of Christianity Catholicism and with my retired Mormons, my brothers, sisters and her son, lovers, sinners, broke and rich, single, married, and with those who flinch, sleep talkers, sleep walkers, cursers and conversation havers, one’s who moan, smile and even one’s who always sleep alone, with those who are now dead, or living, life diggers who keep on digging, and some who don’t, who wake up and sing, in high, or low tones, whispers, screamers, with silence keepers, friends and enemies that will always keep my secrets, I’ve slept in hundreds of peoples beds,

But never within my own,

I guess I’ve always been a…. well you know, you feel the same way.

Kelly Kurt 01 May 2015

Me too. Good write. Thanks for sharing

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Craig Steiger 12 September 2013

reads like Ginsberg- catalog of sleeping. Well-done.

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