Juhaina Tumlu Poems

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The Best Song Hasn't Been Sung..

Who wrote the lyrics and where are they?
I enjoy the rhymes, which are like pearls on a necklace.
Every word has its own melody,
just like the waves of the ocean.

Giving Wings To Imaginations

Words are hard to come by
to express the true thought,
and the soul is constantly questioning.

Tea - Too Hot

Darling, darling, darling.....
He desires her,
when desire fills his eyes,
his lips cannot help but utter sweetness,

Hanging In Shame - Love

These naughty oldies
Have no shame to hide
Why they think it is pride
When one leg in grave and another shaking

Self Pride

Wondrous joy is no more a toy to play with,
Heart wins heart with no involvement of mind.
Take a horse ride far in the jungle
It will boost your self pride.

Window Dressing

False smiles and glitter, hiding the pain,
covering the struggle, again and again,
behind the glass, lies a world unknown
window dressing, tricky zone.

My Heart Sings Love Tunes

In the desert hot and dry
there lie some dunes so high
with sand blowing all around
and no sign of life to be found

Killer Instinct

There is a significant difference
between amateur and professional.
Like vulture and eagle,
one thrive on dead bodies

Smelly Nose

I have a strong nose
That smells everything
It is so strong
That it can even smell

Tinge On Tongue

Left me with bitter taste
Your deleterious phrase
I can't brush them out
the return years after

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