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Your pensive pen that is filled with honeyed thoughts,
Inks in my bossom with nectarous qoute;
Your marmalade of love flavors my heart;
Your luscious words blossom in my ardour's pot.

As the ruby roses blossom
In the inner field of my bosom,
Allow my potpourri of best wishes
Perfume you with celestial bliss;

As I gaze to the boundless sky
Of lovers' starry dream,
From the lulling solitary bench
Under the tranquilizing tree of whim;

We can make history,
Explore the world beyond boundary,
We can soar the unlimited sky;
Spread our wings and fly.

Have your pen And notebook with you,
Tote it wherever you may go,
To indite the events of time;
Make spontaneous flow of lines,

I'll soar above the storms of life,
Won't quit 'til I win over the fight;
Find strength through my mystic eyes,
Have feast in the heart of rainbow sky.

Flood in the city,
Noise of a crying baby,
Great adversity.

Dreamer of tomorrow; painter of my own dream;
Bearer of my own torch, praying for a flame;
Simple yet artistic; simplicity is my art;
Lonely cowboy; a man with a fragile heart.

Curse not this lovely land of mine,
Pull not the trigger and I'll be fine,
Drink and eat with me in the table of brotherhood,
Love is served as the most nutritious food.

Expressive pen showcases variety of emotions,
In a piece of paper I found no repression,
Colorful words paint the heart and soul;
Author's personality mirror hung in nameless wall.

The quack of the cats,
The meow of the ducks;
Music to my ears,
'Cause for me you care.

Portraying imagery,
Painting whim's infinity,
Sketching fair fantasy,
O' dreamers blissful memory.

Even if the sky will turn to gray
Even if the day will be hazy
Even if the sun won't kiss the sea
Still the day will be an Angie Day

Sing me not a mournful song,
Read me not a sadful poem,
Cry me in a joyful tune,
'Cause now I'm goin' home.


Nourishes the flowers, makes them grow,
Showers the dried river, makes it flow,
Keeping a tree taking a grip to its ground,
Teaches the frogs how to make an awaking sound.

Leaves dance with the wind,
One peso fare to heaven,
Life's greener than green.

Yesterday is dead and gone
Today is about to be done
Tomorrow exists in the mind of God
Sleep well and worry not my love

For the grins and thoughts of love;
Made me fly like a liberated dove,
For the words of solicitous act;
Became a shield of my unarmored back.

Dive in my head and you will see,
The fairness of my fantasy,
My reason to reside in my dream;
Leave the world of chaos and pain.

Tell I no words you know neither,
Nor show I something you saw never;
Read I no poems you write didn't,
Nor give I something you worked haven't.

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..Thanks To You..

Your pensive pen that is filled with honeyed thoughts,
Inks in my bossom with nectarous qoute;
Your marmalade of love flavors my heart;
Your luscious words blossom in my ardour's pot.

Your scarlet rose of cordiality,
Perfumes ev'ry morning of my day;
Heaven-scented juice from sapphire sky,
Showers my soul, blazes my very eyes,
Ev'ry time you wave your sweetest hi.

Your verdant pasture of solicitude,
Kissed by the xanthous sun of beatitude;
Emblazons my sight with ardency,
To see the pinnacle of heyday,
With a rainbow of celestial bliss,
Flamboyantly drawn on welkin's face.

Your candied grin of encouragement,
Became my character's ornament,
With blithesome colors from the firmanent,
Of burning tons of inspiration,
Fuels me to reach my aspirations,
Intensifies my motivation,
To touch the countenance of my ambition.

Thank you for the beauteous things you've taught,
For the barrels of sweetness you've brought;
Made me ready to face the world,
Fearless, confident, positive and bold,
To do the things they think I can't do,
To cease them from throwing their flaks of boo.
What I am now, I owe to you;
With all my heart, I thank you...

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princess sweetdreams 27 March 2009

This is the best poem i have read yet! ! ! ! ! ♂ ♥ ♂ Chelce~Lee♂ ♥ ♂

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Marjorie Baskerville 21 January 2009

I am living my life greatly. It is only my poems that are on the tip of depressing. They were meant to be more ironic than sad. But what can I do to change the way I write?

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