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I am a transsexual male named Jordan. If you don't like it, I dont care. Go complain about it elsewhere. :)

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Taylor Silvis

He's the tall, skinny brunette who doesn't say a word
In this school he's merely but a ghost walker as well as I
Everyday we see each other never once saying anything

He Broke My Heart

I just want to say to you my heart is broken
It's not cool that you didn't tell me to my face
I honestly can't believe you'd do something this mean

What I Love About You…..

The way your dirty blonde hair hangs in your face
The way you flip it out of your eyes and smile
The way it makes you look skater and blonde emo

Our Friendship

Our friendship means a lot to me and it's special
You've helped me through some pretty rough things and now it's my turn
I'll always be there when you need to talk and when you need to vent

Gothic Angel

Beautiful raven black hair with red streaks
Compliments her pale white heart shaped face
Encases the jeweled blue eyes

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you are so nice :) and your poems are GREAT! ! ! :)

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