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He's the tall, skinny brunette who doesn't say a word
In this school he's merely but a ghost walker as well as I
Everyday we see each other never once saying anything

The way your dirty blonde hair hangs in your face
The way you flip it out of your eyes and smile
The way it makes you look skater and blonde emo

Our friendship means a lot to me and it's special
You've helped me through some pretty rough things and now it's my turn
I'll always be there when you need to talk and when you need to vent

Beautiful raven black hair with red streaks
Compliments her pale white heart shaped face
Encases the jeweled blue eyes

He's the sweetest guy ever, the one you can count on
You can tell that he's the kind of guy that is funny
I'm happy he and I can be friends

I can feel you right here with me
I feel your strong arms around me, consoling me
I feel your breath on my neck, warm and moist
I feel you put your pointer finger on my lips

I see her walk down the halls everyday
The girl with the dirty blonde hair with black streaks
Her blonde hair cascading down her back like a golden waterfall

He marches past me in the store but won't speak
Maybe because he has a hidden secret or scared
Forever passes when we lock eyes: brown and hazel

Staring at the sky and lying on the grass
I think of how you and I could be together
Every time I think of us my heart does a back flip

She walks outside in the misty, sunny morning
On the table on her porch lays a single red rose
She takes it off the table and smells its fragrant perfume

I've always wanted to tell you how I felt about you
This is impossible seeing as I can't think when I'm near you
Your love surrounds me, almost choking me

We went for a moonlit walk at midnight in the snow
He held me around the waist while we stargazed
Then he let go of me and got down on one knee

His pleasure in me; filling me up
Heating me both inside and out
Sealing the deal our bodies have already started

I have a boyfriend, his name is Dakota
I am Jordan, a transsexual male
He is Dakota, a transsexual male

I'm behind a door,
In a straitjacket, laying on the floor,
Down my face run my tears,
They're making me face my fears.

Something is happening inside me but I don't know what
It's in the center of my chest, so very painful
Help me please my heart is breaking

What I truly want is to be free and be able to be myself
How many times have you layed awake at night and wished you were different?
I have done so many times and I will continue to every night

You and I sit across from each other
We see each other but not like we used to
Now we sit and watch the wall of memories

I don't know your name or anything about you
The only thing I know is what you look like
Tall, brown skater hair, skinny; just general things

Long Distance
Give me just one chance to be yours

Justina Nicole Haner Biography

I am a transsexual male named Jordan. If you don't like it, I dont care. Go complain about it elsewhere. :))

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Taylor Silvis

He's the tall, skinny brunette who doesn't say a word
In this school he's merely but a ghost walker as well as I
Everyday we see each other never once saying anything

We both know that we connect when we lock eyes blue and hazel
Our connection is there for a reason
His smile makes me smile and blush

I giggle when he's near, when he brushes past
I'm so weak for him and getting into my heart
He finds many ways to make me smile and laugh

Always knowing how to make me feel better
In more ways than one he and I are meant to be
Maybe that's why I'm in love with Taylor Silvis

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you are so nice :) and your poems are GREAT! ! ! :)

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