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They landed with a soft thud
They scratched
They pinched
They bit

Why does a shadow always eclipse
The brightest and the sunniest of days
Just when everything seems right
Another shadow appears in sight

Your shadow walks beside me at the horizon
it merges with me somewhere
outlines and silhouttes are substantialized
ready to be hugged

Ride royally the waters
Oh! boat of my soul.
Let there be gentle wind with me
a star or two for company.

People take marijuana
and sugars hard
I realize it is high time
I too played my part.

She is a mother of two
She irrigated their life
With her blood, it is true.

Dusty deserted sidewalks
Barred doors with locks
Dustbins bursting with dirt
Greet the lonesome child

The rose
had a tiff with the thorn
relationship wormed
it filed for divorce.

Of course, you can hate
It is allowed at every age
For it is the strongest emotion
That keeps the earth in motion!

The earth rotates on its axis-
They say.
What if the axis topples one day?
How much longer can it hold


The raindrops fell
and cast a spell
Tempting my tamed spirits to swell,
to ride the wild horse of fantasy;

Wild reed I grew along the only banks I knew
A peter pan came and plucked the ugliest of those that grew.
The reed wondered what better fate could it meet
than to lie unidentified at the maker’s feet?

Life would have been a treat
If with love my birth was greet
They left me on the street
To fend for my daily meat.

Gossamer wings
Intricate rings
Interwoven dreams
And sighs within!


All the walls
That you built
Into cocoon
Did I inbuilt

These walls
That I‘ve built around me
Have taken years to develop
Years of silent struggle

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The Rape Of The Moon

They landed with a soft thud
They scratched
They pinched
They bit
They scooped
Proudly they carried back
A part of me in their sack.
As if it were not enough
They clicked
My peaks
My cleavages
My nudity did they send
To the earth’s inhabitants
They gibed
They winced
They scoffed
They grimaced
Never again would they compare
Their beloved to me they swear
I am barren
I am scarred
I am ugly
I am cleaved
For eons have I borne
The effulgent sun
Scorching my breast for thee
Churning it into moonlight
Stark into serenity.

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