- Solitude - Poem by Kay Barcelon

- Solitude -

Rating: 3.6

Feel and enjoy this moment
Listen to the gentleness of silence

Uninterrupted thoughts are comforting
The calmness in the air is soothing

Relax to the kindness that surrounds you
Loneliness is just an illusion

Solitude is uplifting
Close your eyes and feel

Craig Steiger 02 February 2008

Kay- I really enjoyed this gentle, uplifting poem. I enjoy solitude as much as you do CS

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Marvin Brato 27 June 2007

Listen to the gentleness of silence... this best describes SOLITUDE! . Like the way you set the thoughts in poetry. Write more.

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Kee Thampi 11 February 2007

the real art of good write...she really gisted it see The calmness in the air is soothing Relax to the kindness that surrounds you Loneliness is just an illusion

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Gabe Cruise 18 June 2006

wow, its been a long time since i read a very moving poem like that. hope you write more very inspiring poem. thanks and god bless.

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Meghan - 18 June 2006

I like the fact that you take a different perception on being alone, to make it a calm peacefulness that many find hard to do. Great job Meghan

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 12 August 2013

Nice write, amazing thoughts.

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Vidyadhar ... 18 March 2008

Solitude or loneliness it is the time given by the nature or God to us.Which can be mentioned something very personal.That is where we understand ourselves better.Learn to pardon others.Those feeling can not be compared with any thing else.I am impressed with this poem.Mine is also on similar lines.I admire the imagination gone into making this literary structure in the form of a poem.My 10

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Orran Ainmire 13 February 2008

Many call Solitude a friend only because they cannot stand its full attentions. Solitude, however, is a loving partner that is always welcome in my house. Very well done- Orran

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Jerry Bradford 04 February 2008

I too have written about solitude and embrace it as would a semi frequent friend. A friend that although loved, is best seen only on occasion.

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Mr Seagull 03 February 2008

Simple and touching this is your solitude Kay masterly described A smile Mistral

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