. Because Now There Is No 'Us' Poem by Kay Barcelon

. Because Now There Is No 'Us'

Rating: 3.3

Why do we hurt each other
Is it love or is it hate
Is it because we are far away
Or is it because we know
There is no tomorrow

Did we forget once we have loved
Did we lost the feeling of passion
Have we replaced it with sorrows
Why the insensible struggling
Are we mourning for the lost love

Why are we fighting
Why are we hurting
Why are we in agony
Why do we even talk
Why can’t we go back

Remember the days
We laughed and we danced
Remember the feeling
There was no one else but us
Or is it the memory that hurts

Gabe Cruise 03 July 2006

so powerful words yet so simple, it flows thru the veins, you'll feel the chill inside. i felt guilty in me, im so sorry.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 02 July 2006

sing like a song. good kay.

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Orran Ainmire 13 February 2008

Lovely, with just enough sadness to make me cry. Its seems dry though; i was also confused by the lack of puncuation.

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Tatianna Rei Moonshadow 27 September 2006

oh don't we all wish the joys of love could be forever... absolutely lovely work dear

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Preeti - is here! 05 September 2006

I agree with John, add tune to this one, it will sound nice.I like the fact that you've kept the words simple! Preets

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joey oo 03 September 2006

Why indeed Kay - it's so sad that it just doesn't last forever - or is it because... Take care. Joey

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Scarlet Red 03 August 2006

puno ng emosyon.. maganda ang pagkakabuo.. i can feel the emotion of the poem.. just hope both of you can resolve it soon.. best wishes my dear.. =)

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