* Stealing A Kiss * Poem by Kay Barcelon

* Stealing A Kiss *

Rating: 3.5

I like to watch you sleep
Sometimes you sigh
It makes my heart leap

your mouth slightly open
I can’t resist touching your lips
Its softness gets me smitten

My lips moistened
I lean over to steal a kiss
Once again I was summoned

I get so close to your face
you are amazingly beautiful
I feel my heart starting to race

Feeling your warm breathing
Bringing a fever to my whole body
A tenderness I am yearning

Suddenly you awakened
Smiling like I was expected
And the rest is what I have envisioned


You write a beautifully romantic poem with a real sense of the wonder of love. I also personally love seeing the word smitten in a poem, we need to use that luscious word more often.

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Wind Ansea 28 September 2006

Definitely more preferable than waking up in the basement, being whacked by bamboo sticks while suspended by your ankles.: O) Seriously, nice work!

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Nestor Sbariggi 28 September 2006

Kay readign your poem more than the romantic sense that it has I feel a taste of harmony. It's about how life can be beautiful too. 'One thing we share it's an ideal of beauty' says an old song. and that's what I feel about it.

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Prasanna Kumari 27 September 2006

your words have the power to create the scene for the reader.i really felt that gentle touch of love.depecting love in a different way is most welcome...keep writing

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Séamus Fox 27 September 2006

Very beautiful Kay I almost pictured the whole scene, though the characters were different the out come was the same! ! Séamus

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Kay Barcelon

Kay Barcelon

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