Kerrie Maurer

Kerrie Maurer Poems

1. Where Are You In My Life? 9/29/2011
2. My Way Out 9/29/2011
3. Come Home 9/29/2011
4. No Longer Inside Of Me 9/30/2011
5. Hurting Me Inside 9/30/2011
6. Red Moonlight 9/30/2011
7. Shattered 10/3/2011
8. The Way It Has To Be 10/6/2011
9. With You 10/6/2011
10. Still My Dad 10/6/2011
11. The Chains Around Me 10/6/2011
12. Already Gone 10/7/2011
13. Letting You Go 10/7/2011
14. Not Who You Are 10/7/2011
15. Time To Say Good-Bye 10/14/2011
16. I'Ll Be There 11/2/2011
17. Little By Little 11/2/2011
18. Purpose In Life 11/9/2011
19. The Final Moments 11/11/2011
20. Time To Go 11/11/2011
21. Cant Believe Your Gone 11/18/2011
22. Once Again 11/18/2011
23. Never Be Forgotten 11/17/2011
24. Just Like That 11/30/2011
25. Always And Forever 11/30/2011
26. Lost Without You 12/7/2011
27. Mother 12/8/2011
28. My Promise To You 12/8/2011
29. Bleeding Heart 12/12/2011
30. Remember Me 12/12/2011
31. Apart Of Me With You 12/12/2011
32. Saying Good Bye 12/12/2011
33. Leaving Is Hard 1/5/2012
34. In The Sky 1/5/2012
35. In His Arms 1/12/2012
36. Living Angels 1/13/2012
37. Do You Still Love Me 4/18/2012
38. I Miss You 4/18/2012
39. Pain 7/26/2012
40. Confusion 7/26/2012

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Best Poem of Kerrie Maurer

Ending Of My Life

After what you said
I felt my heart break
As tears run down my face
You wrap your arms around me
You ask if im ok
I tell its ill be fine
When i got home that night
my life ended before my eyes
All my thoughts were filled with you
My life was death until you came
The only good thing in my life is you
To take that away will tear me apart
Its not ok, my heart is bleeding
My soul is breaking, my tears burning,
Im watching my life end, while i think about you
And the love you bring into my life
If your not here to shead some light
Ill meet death ...

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Come Home

A slow confusion in my mind
words left unspoken
problems yet to be solved.
A sharp pain twisting in my heart
all haunt me everyday, all live inside me.
I wake up at night crying,
I wish you could be here,
I wish i could see you
Just come back home

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