keturah bailey Poems

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Father Like Son

I hope my little brother is nothing like you
Your a monster that feeds on innocent minds
Why are you so up tight
Let go of me thats all you hear

Angels I See

Angels i see
They came to my rescue
The time of need they are by my side
White, black all kinds of races


WHY? ? ?
Doesn't everyone have challenges
Doesn't everyone have disappointments
Or is it just me


Rain drops keep fallin in my hair
Since you been gone im so out of place
This love i have to fight
Hes on my mind all the time

Love Struck

You whisper in my ear you’ll be there,
But when I came you’re not anywhere
For a moment I stopped and stared
I tell myself this is unfair


The sky is as beautiful as you
But the thing is your not human
Infact your just a object
Something that means the world to me

Forever In Pain

you told me you was with your girl friend
I found out she was only ten
why did you have her around all those dirty men
what you ain't settin no trend

Flames Of The Fire

The flame flow as you walk away and go
I feel the heat your anger released
I thought you had it under control
The flame the fire within you

Best Friend

Knock, Knock
I answer the door but it's no one there
I call out is anyone there but one one answers
I must be goin crazy, keeps running in the back of my mine

Love Turns To Pain

You love someone
They love you back
you realize that's all it is
kisses, hug, pat or two

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