Angels I See Poem by keturah bailey

Angels I See

Rating: 4.3

Angels i see
They came to my rescue
The time of need they are by my side
White, black all kinds of races
Their wings are the size of buildings
God takes care of his children
Sending the angels to watch over you

Mario Harrison 30 May 2008

This poem must be one of your fav. because i can see u have put alot of time into this piece

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Mike Hayes 30 May 2008

pointing out that angels are not just one race is good makes the reader think keep it up

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Margaret Harrison 21 December 2008

This is the begiinining of good thoughts about angels maybe you cn add more and called it Angels I see revised really it is a good idea that you can say more about i say more about them coming from heaven when you need help yes this is good

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Such a profound truth about angels

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Rachel Smailliw 27 July 2008

This poem is like...uh...uh... I can't explain it. But I do say it's a good poem. Angels are flying in mid-heaven... that's where the birds are. Rachel

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Brad Jefferson 31 May 2008

u have a gret mind and thiz iz a gud poem

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Mike Matsuda 30 May 2008

I like this poem, this one makes you realize, like Lacey Mosely, He is all around. To look over and to test. I think you have a good sense of eternal perspective.

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