Love Struck Poem by keturah bailey

Love Struck

Rating: 5.0

You whisper in my ear you’ll be there,
But when I came you’re not anywhere
For a moment I stopped and stared
I tell myself this is unfair
I try my best to hold on and bear
Realizing you were never there
All I felt was a mere piece of air
You’re gone but I’m still hear
I forgot you disappeared
It was just me simply wishing you was here
Why did you have to go?
I’m just going to reminisce about you
I’ll try to go on and not be afraid
Now I remember you gave me advice
Thanks for the last moment we had

Kesav Easwaran 01 December 2008

love doubt about it...this poem beautifully brings out how love plays the teasing games with young hearts...good work, Keturah...i give you ten

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Izik Alcox 01 December 2008

very heartfelt, I find the poems about relationships, good or bad are usually the best writing a person does, maybe because there so filled with the intense emotions of the realtionship, not sure though, lol good job

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Tyease Collins 30 May 2008

Wow this poem is really deep. A lot of emotion. I like it **Tyease**

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Christopher Leone 30 May 2008

strong emotion throughout

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