Father Like Son Poem by keturah bailey

Father Like Son

I hope my little brother is nothing like you
Your a monster that feeds on innocent minds
Why are you so up tight
Let go of me thats all you hear
Little bro try to stay strong don't pick up that mans bad ways
I wish i could over come that man
He a beast a dog
Can't understand me
Let my brother be free of you and your bad ways

Serenity Prayer 30 May 2008

i hope he doesnt grow up to be like him either. nice poem

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i don't think he will 'butif u can get away when ur father is in one of those moods.

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Rachel Smailliw 27 July 2008

This poem is a big ole dose of strong feelings. Good job. Rachel

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Brad Jefferson 30 May 2008

yo i luv thiz poem its almost like me and my dad lol gud poem

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Bobbie Jo ..... 30 May 2008

i think you did good on this poem, it shows what going on with your father and brother...nicely writtin

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Mario Harrison 30 May 2008

From ur poem i can see that ur father left you with ur mom and ran off so: Your anger is a gun, touch and it goes off, but leave it alone, although temptation is strong, and you wonder if you are wrong. You say it is ok, maybe it is not, you warn your bro, or is this not so.

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Mike Hayes 30 May 2008

i like the hint of emotion in the poem the anger its clear that there a little hate

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