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I mark the erratic progress
of a fluttering butterfly;
dipping and bobbing,
a dash of creamy-white

Appearing suddenly
from the shadows
beneath the hedge,
it scurries in short

Snow fell gently overnight,
settling everything around
in an even mantle of white.

A backward glance revealed
the path of our footprints across the sand;
a Morse-like string of dots and dashes,
leading from the steps across the deserted beach

The photograph lay
Dusty and aged,
Upon a shelf,

The sun was out in force when we arrived
and it felt somehow incongruous -
as if there should have been heavy rain
and perhaps the threat of thunder

A languid childhood summer,
timeless in its innocent pleasure.
A hedgerow clothed with dusty speckles;
black, purple and crimson,

A solitary chaffinch
declared dominion over our garden
and set its throne amid the
bare branches of a winter-brooding tree.

Life is peopled with
one-dimensional characters
slightly out of synch:
while death is merely


Like a white lace
slowly turning grey -
an insubstantial


I can think
of nothing so forlorn
as a graveyard
in the midst of winter:

En vieillisant on devient plus fou et plus sage
As we get old we become at the same time more foolish and wiser) .

François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld - Réflexions.


I entered a room
and saw a girl
sitting on a chair.
She looked at me

There is something haunted
about an abandoned schoolyard.

Distant shouts and cries

Fingering with studied expertise
the various knick-knacks and curios
of someone else's unwanted memories
I find a tiny elephant carved in ivory.

From time to time
on such still, calm days
a whisper of breeze
stirs the water like an arpeggio.


There are those who believe seals
to be the reincarnation of souls lost at sea.

Now, I see one swimming;

black like fresh tar,
he seems to glide across
the moor, ears pricked and mane and tail

I stand
and watch my children
at play in the garden below.

Kevin Cowdall Biography

Kevin Cowdall was born in Liverpool, England; where he still lives and works. He developed an interest in writing at an early age and his first published poem appeared, appropriately, in the influential UK publication, ‘First Time'. In all, over 200 poems have been published to date in magazines, journals and anthologies, and on web sites, in the UK and Ireland, across Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Canada, and the USA, and broadcast on local and regional BBC Radio. He has released three previous poetry collections; ‘The Reflective Image', ‘Monochrome Leaves' and ‘A Walk in the Park'. His 2016 retrospective collection, ‘Assorted Bric-a-brac' (bringing together the best from these previous collections with a selection of more recent poems) , has had excellent reviews and is available in paperback and e-book. His new collection, ‘Natural Inclinations', comprises 50 poems with a common theme of Nature / the natural world. Kevin is also the author of the novella, ‘Paper Gods and Iron Men', available in paperback and e-book..)

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The Resolute Butterfly

I mark the erratic progress
of a fluttering butterfly;
dipping and bobbing,
a dash of creamy-white
against the long grass
and the rainbow hues
of myriad wild flowers
scattered across the meadow.

Flitting from stem to stem,
pausing for a moment or two
before continuing on its way;
a determined progression
to its seemingly random flight.
I admire its resolve and watch
until it disappears from view,
and I wave and wish it well.

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Writers are the Custodians of Endless Possibilities.

Falling down is all part of growing up. Just keep moving forward and you'll get there.

There is no such thing as an unemployed writer - only an unemployed mind.

Life is a series of infinite ripples.

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Kevin Cowdall Popularity

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