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Burn in my inside

Tears in my eyes

Let the heaven gets open
And listen to these words.

Let them say what ever they want to say..

when i look at the star

up the sky

time-in this time,
i was the man.

lonely- a lone,

I worked alone at his funeral
wished to be mine

I say

Mom don't cry, i hope you get your head up.
even if it destroys your heart, never give up.

I know mom you feel down,


being far from you kills me
coz of word miss.

And being near to you makes me crazy

look in to your eyes

into your face


We are now away from each other
and We're getting farther, as We getting old

It's your 21 birthday

It's not a question, what is love?

cooz I know you know what it is

Some pictures are not just photos.
Some of them are memories.

memories which have been saved in my heart

I felt so alone

I felt so cold

I shouldn't be surprise when you will hate me tomorrow

I cant believe I just let you go away

where are you when am seating alone, needs you

where are you and you the one who used to say: 'together for ever', you the one who used to say: 'i feel u by my side even in this far distance'...

It been so fortune to have her in my life
Unfortunately without her

She was like candles on my room

Glad until I die like great worrier
Who never goes down?

Even if I know I'm lonely man, but I never go down

I'm higher than rain, colder than snow when I wanted to be,

But am be hottest than lava, loudly than thunder

Brothers, brothers the lights at heaven's gate shining

And my B.F.E becomes like one of the angels..
Flying to the heavens

reasons came to forget bad thoughts

i give 100 for your lies
i live for you.

every one wanna try
every one wanna go

warra lovely she is my super star

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Burn In My Inside

Burn in my inside

Tears in my eyes

All coz of what has happened

I have tried to make the change

But the confusing is demon

It always gets me back! ...

My avowal are just like mercy

But you were still impious

In my thoughts you are my love

My destiny you are…

In every moment of my life I think of you

But in true life

You were so heartless

Never think of me

Never feel me...

If you are like what am saying so you are so selfish!

Of this life I feel suck

Coz all what was about me and you, was just a dream

I spend my life dreaming of you.

The word impossible I use it just for you...

I loved you..

My eyes was for you like home..

And the happy song, I sing it just for you.

I wish you can come and tell me why you played with me

And you turn around just like how the world turns around

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Lars Haris 28 April 2011

man you good but you must make some changes in your language order. you good

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