Galaxy {said} Poem by khalid alalawi

Galaxy {said}

Rating: 4.3

Let the heaven gets open
And listen to these words.

Let them say what ever they want to say..
Let them see me cry like a baby
Coz i don't care any more.....

Let them know that i lose my soul
That i have lost part of me
That my brother has gone... [let them know]

Even if they made say that I'm crazy
I keep say his my soul
I keep say his my brother..
And how come body live without soul.

Never feel scared as i have felt to day
Never feel alone as i have felt to day

Feel like the world getting to the dark side
And there is no way to get out of it.

Never think that place we met going to phobia..
Could it be my destiny to be alone
Or its just part of our sinister life..? .

I'm believing that he is in abetter place
So God plz tack me to that place with him...
And let me be with him for my rest of my life...

Allemagne Roßmann 09 September 2012

Encomiums galore...majestic write...really good one

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Alicia Phillips 15 April 2011

i think this poem is very awesome i love it

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Moriah Reyes 01 January 2010

Awwww...very sweet and was a very good and precious poem. :) Your english is a little strange, but in my opinion, that adds something good to the poem. :) I really liked it!

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Tafadzwa Christian Mhondiwa 01 January 2010

Yeah that's good stuff, just keep it going to higher dimensions.I like the poetry.

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