Burn In My Inside Poem by khalid alalawi

Burn In My Inside

Rating: 5.0

Burn in my inside

Tears in my eyes

All coz of what has happened

I have tried to make the change

But the confusing is demon

It always gets me back! ...

My avowal are just like mercy

But you were still impious

In my thoughts you are my love

My destiny you are…

In every moment of my life I think of you

But in true life

You were so heartless

Never think of me

Never feel me...

If you are like what am saying so you are so selfish!

Of this life I feel suck

Coz all what was about me and you, was just a dream

I spend my life dreaming of you.

The word impossible I use it just for you...

I loved you..

My eyes was for you like home..

And the happy song, I sing it just for you.

I wish you can come and tell me why you played with me

And you turn around just like how the world turns around

lost soul 28 April 2011

lots of emotion and feeling. an achievemnt especially when writing in another language

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Romeo Della Valle 17 April 2011

A very deep, thought provoking write, well penned and poignant! Full of imagery and depth which shows your great talent! Keep it up! Food for thought you are delivering here! thanks for sharing with us (The world) ! 10+++ Love and Peace for always!

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Unwritten Soul 17 April 2011

Someday your burning inside will end by someone who water ur soul with calming feelings and the burn will never happen again :) till that time u must keep believe_Unwritten Soul

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shy beauty 15 April 2011

i like this one alot

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Alicia Phillips 15 April 2011

very deep awesome keep up the good work

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