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Oh it's a mask,

An object to hide the face

Look at him, bags underneath his eyes, look at his arms, making excuses and lies. Same t-shirt and pants again? ? HAHA....go ahead and look at me and laugh cause someday this scrub will win. He hangs out with the gangsters, cause they seem like family, but their just scrubs too, cant you see?

Remember that kid in the back of the room? He seemed like he was in a constant state of gloom? You moved away from him during lunch, you made fun of him and such..You all pointed and laughed, you never thought that one day that kid might have snapped. Look again bit**! ! Its the scrub that has you trapped! ! Nobody ever missed us, hugged or kissed us, and im the scrub that never passed your mind, just some scrub thats not one of a kind. An outcast, but all of us together would make us last. A circle of friends, we have each others backs, the scrubs, and it may be different now...



Im dead, pumped full of lead, but i come back to life instead, stalking and turning your sheets red! What about suicide, filled with cyanide, fully dead on the inside.

Im Undead a fallen angel, that was sent back into the graces of God to fullfill his judgement, the reaper on my left, time to take down the one who sent me to this new self.

So buetiful, a girl working to be a college graduate,
Shes not the kinda girl to flirt and to be with other guys an im lovin it!
She talks and walks with pride, so pure, and im sick for her love,
to which there is no cure. When i look into her eyes i can see shes tellin the truth....i can still remember that special day when we kissed on the roof. I have her heart and i know i dont need proof, her long kisses and soothing hugs are enough. In the beginnig she dared me with a tempting smile and i ended up calling her bluff!

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The Dark Woods

Late at night, filled with fright, the dark woods that give into a horryifying sight. Howls from creatures unknown, , snickers of the forlorn, hearts of those that have been torn. Trickling rain, a crash of thunder, it takes only a moments wonder, and you will be stranded in the dark woods. Surrounded by dark memories ans unfathomable thoughts, to your worst nightmares swooping down to your mind, to make it rot. A darkness so black, so violent, hope is what it will always lack; the dark woods. To wake up screaming, your heart racing, your heart beating, your mind running and find yourself in the dark woods, to contemplate suicide, to wish you would have died, cause death would be a releif, better to be robbed of your breath, like a thief in the night. Your soul screams and cries in spite, your eyes search for the forgotten light. Not even the moon is shining, just a never endindg cycle of razor sharp black, mixed with hatred, fuled by the dark woods you never age. A play for the creatures, and you will never leave the stage. And in that place all you have left are the ifs and the the Dark Woods...

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