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Through all the drama
I'm still standing strong
My husband still thinks I'll be back
But I know I'm not wrong

Where have I been?
Where am I going?
Up hill both ways?
In the dark and snowing?

Hey baby boy, it's mom
I wanted to say I miss you
And to call for whatever you need
Or if you're just feeling blue

The time we spent together
Was only a memory to be
Though it could never last
Was a great partnership to see

So it's now come to this
You really have no clue
What it feels like
To wake up cold and blue

I've let them all go
Drift off one by one
Now I've no place to be
When I need to have fun

Hey sweet babies
Again you're asleep as I come in
Not awake to ask where I'm at
Not awake to ask where I've been

Being surrounded by people
Day after day
Only one friend among them
There's nothing to say

I was wrong
As soon as she came out
He had been babydaddy-to-be
And she was all he was about

Here's the story
It's sad but true
I was extremely lonely
And fell so easily for you

I'm aware I said I wouldn't do it again
But of course I knew I probably would
I slept with the man with the great hugs
I did it, I think, because I wanted to and could

When I saw you the other day
My heart jumped into my throat
I was so excited to see you
I felt like I could almost float

I loved you once and you broke my heart
Made me feel like everything was fine
While behind my back with my friends
Didn't you understand they were mine?

The strong, sweaty hugs
The soft, sweet kissing
I can only hope he knows
It's this that I'll be missing


i feel so alone
i really want to cry
how does this happen?
the fights between you and i?

From the first time we met
It was lust at first sight
I know that's sooo cliche
But it's just about right

when i need someone to lean on,
when i need someone to care, everytime i write to you
your answer is always there

i want to be able to hug you, and kiss you head to toes, but the miles rise between us and the loneliness still grows

My boy has again stolen my heart
How did I let this occur?
I'm just asking for trouble
The whirlwind then becomes a blur

What you think you're seeing
Isn't the real me
It's all in what you remember
What you want me to be

Blood of goat
Eye of Dog
Claw of Cat
Tooth of hog

Angelique' Rockwell Biography

I was born in the Spring of 1979 in San José, California, I'm a Pisces, an introvert by nature. I have since lived in Washington, Oregon, West Virginia, Florida, Iowa, and Tennessee. I was with my husband for 12 years, then widowed. I have four smart and beautiful children. I love my children, horseback riding, reading, road trips, and sex (not in that order) . I've known numerous men (but only been in 5 relationships) in my lifetime and a few of them have left their mark, good or bad, that I write about. I don't, as a rule, show my poetry to people that I know - so in all actuality, only a handful that I grew up with actually know that I write. But, alas, this is the only way I can express myself and have others understand what it is I'm even thinking about!)

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Divorce (Life's Biggest Test)

Through all the drama
I'm still standing strong
My husband still thinks I'll be back
But I know I'm not wrong

He just doesn't get it
Staying would only cause us pain
Everyday of not wanting to be there
Would drive me fucking insane!

What he talks about the most
Is that I've lost so much weight
The only thing he seems worried about
Is that I'll start to date

He doesn't really know
That I've been doing it for awhile
I seriously don't want to hurt him
That's just not my style

Without him, I've changed alot
My weight, clothes, and hair
I'm so much more confident
I don't always feel in despair

It was actually a relief
To finally be on my own
For the first time in my life
Still, my past I will not disown

Our children will always remember
The good times and the bad
And I know from experience
That at times they'll get sad (or mad)

At some point they'll even hate me
But I do think this is best
We'll all come through just fine
One of life's biggest test.


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Lesley Acosta 03 October 2005

I am also a single mother that lives in Florida, and your poems really reach out to me. I can put myself in your place. I really like your writing.

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