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God chose the special angels
When decided to do my mate
Assigned holyday to create
He used his best apparel

Beirut's my holiest love
You bathe in silver ray
Stars at night are your glove
Orient shores to you pray

For love beauty you're mine
For my soul you're wine
Angelic face charming eyes
Always at I would pry

Ammira my princess
For my heart goddess
God in you put his might
Upon you pours his light

Dear Loraine you've musical name
In poetry world you have fame
Your sheer love's honest for the one
Entices me like warm rays of sun

Now I reach my life fall
Life capsizes upside down
Whole my past I'd recall
Like a ship to deep drowns

Your visiting my page
Made my heart dance
Screen at me glances
My age turns teen-age

People work for living
All jobs are honest
We protect our being
Each one does his best

To C. P. Sharma

Does always truth hurt
Savvies who invent


Bold circle around me itself built
As I've made sins and have guilt
All pull me down on shoulders put a heavy load
Clog my breath barriers harsh set on my road


Tilti the guilty
Star of the party
Tilti's my soul
Tilti's my goal

So young why I should die
And parents from heart cry
Under the soil I would lie
Breathe no air I only sigh

Who are terrorism and his ally
His real parents and best friends
He might be family's wicked guy
That it ought look at and amend

Happy family still to end
Based on love and respect
Raising children hand in hand
Right demeanor guide to rest

On cliff wolf saw the goat
He shouted out of his throat
'Would ask you something dear
Which is the best day in year'

Poem hunter incarnates big part
Of my life the nearest to my heart
He is my most favorite site
He fills my lonely time with light



I feel you as bird under my wing
Warm your sides by heat of heart beat

Soul seeks to be stable and glad
Like every matter in this world
It's in strife with good and bad
Both of them should it afford

Two theories and big lies along
They exist in wise and fair mind
When it comes to cruelty of gang
They laud them holy but to grind

Language is a world being living
Related to man since he rules
The earth plants and beasts as king
He mulls plans and enjoys tools

Kassem Oude Biography

I am french teacher at an elementary public school, I like my profession, I am an ever student, I look at novelties, I like reading well known novels, in French and English too, I am open to the world I enjoy knowing about all world cultures, I would have international friends, I adopt all scientific wiews, I like mother nature, I would fight ethic corruption. My poems reveal sheerly my personality.)

The Best Poem Of Kassem Oude

A Gift Of God

God chose the special angels
When decided to do my mate
Assigned holyday to create
He used his best apparel

Rolled the dough by tasty juice
Extracted of paradise fruits
All day's work was hard acute
Then He took full weekend truce

Of eyes a light beam emerges
Red apple tinge defy her cheeks
Jujube fruits would red lips pick
Body white fresh snow would merge

In my brain a mind could remain
Of those wines soul be satiate? !
Short time to time couldn't wait
Rose off butterfly could entertain?

Divine secret put in her lips
Honey would pour at soft wish
My poor heart the treasure reach
Gift of God am worth I do keep.


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Bhagabat Prasad Hotta 05 April 2019

He is a great poet in poemhunter web.His poems are very beautiful.

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Kassem Oude Quotes

If you ascribe fake epithet to your foe it is in you.

It is most important that my horse be sated and after him let all pasture decay.

As maidens await in the trysts so for what is loitering?

No glory is erected but upon skulls.

Severe viruses ambush whom who loses immunity.

He's granted piercing sight who sees through thick fog.

Bulbs of Autumn fruits are too sweet or too rotten.

Even grand lake becomes stinky if it lacks new water.

What for use are the rusted metals but to be tossed and replaced?

Be like the needle, it does join darn remove thorns cure and usher to the right way.

How's rich who welcomes with smile and be welcomed with smiles!

Good word is like original tune but few hear it.

How many villages were peaceful, when greed dwelt in they became ruins.

Men have to graft wombs in their bellies and let tasks alternate.

The knave can't cheat on those endowed brain if he enticed millions.

Fighting is for pasture, loot, women; power and funds.

If the wise grew in malicious lap he'd mislead, spoil the land and spread the vice.

O my neighbor don't sneak into my yard.

Show your left cheek until you could muster strength.

Isn't erasing children's starvation better than sating men's mania?

Who passes away in war he'll be forgotten and who survives would rue.

If the rat defies the mountain it might bury it alive.

O, the hawkish on the peaceful ones, let's see your might on who ambush you.

Do not implant in sterile land, as you're reading poetry to deaf ones.

The truth is a peasant honest-heart man, the malicious cheats on him by good mien and tricks.

Weeds attack veg we implant like forged stories attack the truth.

Some aim to have great part of bliss By more reiterating thanking, praise and magnifying; How you know, may little deed have great reward!

The duty, if we liked it it would be like tasty meal, If we didn't it would be like heavy burden, When we do it anguish and fatigue go.

Life is short like an excursion, ecstasy is through it not at it's end.

Life is like raindrops, it ends in the sea then it returns in new form.

Grey hair or baldness are better than losing head when it is black.

Cheating is like glasses having opaque glass which reflect reality pic deformed to the brain.

If someone owned a cigarette lighter in charmed-candle time, he would dominate the world.

If sciences were based on ranted stories it would be like animated cartoons.

What value has the memory when life has gone.

Who bestowed someone to be tyrant to punish, erase, forgive and reward on his own desire!

None sows but to reap.

Plants without roots grow on rock.

If brain extensions melt together there is vast space for rants and illusions.

Who has a vice, if he defends more he bare it.

Whoever, for him doors are open, crosses them; If they're closed he says he abstains.

He does not taste life's good flavor but who did give to life and went on the right way.

Is man like a dress we smear it and then wash it each time and it would be clean?

The coward is like cicada, has small size and ranting voice.

Who built his brain of devil's words, he still live in torture whole life.

He will not dive in the amity sea who still looks on the revenge shores.

As you deny the daughter's legality how you interpret your father's betrothal to her mother's affection?

Before you though you don't see me, how if were behind you?

If a man puts on crocodile's gown he doesn't care for the big sticks.

Never churn dirt's container it'd smear and stink you.

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Kassem Oude Popularity

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