Kinsley Lee

Kinsley Lee Biography

* Born in Seoul
* Graduate from Sogang University
* Graduate from Korea Air & Open University
* Studied at KAIST.
* Had been worked at Samsung Electronics Co.
* Working at CapusPartners Co.
* A member of the Han-Gang Literature Association.

* Writing a poet in Korean, English, Chinese.

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The Best Poem Of Kinsley Lee

The Autumn In Life

In early morning, whenever open the eyes,
It flows that the unrecoverable old stories, suddenly.
The autumn airs are whirling like the spring tides,
The regrets and sorrows surges upon to me.

Whenever the old recollection occurs to the minds,
Like the rising tides, it make me soaking.
Escape from the seashores, holding the pen in hands,
Without the thought, I fill on the sheets with something.

For a short time, the sheets are full of the rambling letters.
As usual, I'll tear the sheets when the sun rising.
Out of the windows, the thick clouds cover the airs.
Maybe the sun indeed will be lazy this morning.

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