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The Autumn In Life

In early morning, whenever open the eyes,
It flows that the unrecoverable old stories, suddenly.
The autumn airs are whirling like the spring tides,
The regrets and sorrows surges upon to me.

The Death Poem

The Drums hasten the men's passing away.
The fall wind's gusting, the sun is going to down in the twilight.
They say, to the otherworld, no saloons on the way.
Then, where shall I rest tonight?


如雲逍我獨 深谷岸高浮
金彩仙花滿 忽然觀上邱
湖邊林樹下 毰舞小風柔

나는 구름처럼 홀로 걸었네(수선화)

나는 골짜기와 언덕에 높이 떠있는 구름처럼 외로이 걸었네.
나는 갑자기 한 무리 금빛 수선화를 보았네.
호수 옆, 나무 아래 산들바람에 퍼덕이며 춤을 추네.

The Rose Of Sharon

Kinsley Lee
In summer, on the green bank of the river,
At the undergrowth, under the side of the hills,
Always visiting me as fair face, like the lover,

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* Born in Seoul
* Graduate from Sogang University
* Graduate from Korea Air & Open University
* Studied at KAIST.
* Had been worked at Samsung Electronics Co.
* Working at CapusPartners Co.
* A member of the Han-Gang Literature Association.

* Writing a poet in Korean, English, Chinese.

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