Kinsley Lee Poems

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The Autumn In Life

In early morning, whenever open the eyes,
It flows that the unrecoverable old stories, suddenly.
The autumn airs are whirling like the spring tides,
The regrets and sorrows surges upon to me.

The Sad Tribes

Dong-Ju, Yoon
The white washcloth is wrapped the black brains.
The white rubber shoes are hung on the rough feet.

Another Hometown

Dong-Ju, Yoon

On the night of the day when I came back
At same room, my skeleton was running after and lying

The Tomb-Wood

The smoke of the battle swept away and the deep vales,
On the Sunny place at the deep vales,
The long time with storming, the unknown tomb-wood,

Drinking The Moon-Shadow

Hyun-Poong, Wu-Hyun, Kim

Offering or drinking
And fill the another glass,

In The Winds're Rising

Dong-Ju, Yoon

From where do the winds showed
Up, to where do the winds are called.

The Road(2nd Poem)

Dong-Ju, Yoon

I've lost something,
But I don't know where I lost, and what it is,

The Extra(Leap) -April

Mog-Wol, Park

The mountain peak in out-of-the-way
Where the pine pollens are flying

The White Shadows

Dong-Ju, Yoon

In the corner alley of the thickening twilight
All day with the wearied ear, silently I listen carefully to

Miss You In Dream

Ji-Yi, Hwang

I miss you, want to meet you but only to rely on the dream.

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