Kinsley Lee Poems

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The Autumn In Life

In early morning, whenever open the eyes,
It flows that the unrecoverable old stories, suddenly.
The autumn airs are whirling like the spring tides,
The regrets and sorrows surges upon to me.

The Death Poem

The Drums hasten the men's passing away.
The fall wind's gusting, the sun is going to down in the twilight.
They say, to the otherworld, no saloons on the way.
Then, where shall I rest tonight?

Back To The Heaven

Now, I'll be back to the heaven.
Shaking the hands and hands with the dews do to vanish
When be touched by the dawn lights in the morning.

The Last Trip Of The Corona Patient

He was boarded alone by the disposal team with patient clothing.
Without permitting to meet his family, the car started lonely.
The last road on the wagon, it's time to close the sorrow his travelling.
After waiting the line, a stream of the smoke was rising to the sky.

The Presidential Election

The more they try to conceal, the more their real faces are come to light,

It turned out to be the lawyers' lying contest under the sunny light.

The White Hair

The hot day, when the sun is high, the wild-born flowers fade away

When the man angry in the giddy dust, his hairs are turn white to decay.

The Bad Neighbor

In void forest, still the left leaves are splendid and beautiful.

In morrow, the sky is dark ‘cause the micro-dust are full

The Late Fall

The side of the fence where the leaves have fallen, the yellow chrysanthemums are blooming

Under the side burns of the dyed hair, the snow white frosts are falling.

The Fall

The leaves are falling by the fall winds' blowing

Our lives are withering as the season's going.

The Ode For The Dead And To Be Dead By Corona

Whenever the blood moon incants to the people with something,
And the stations go on the air the smiled face of demon.
Then Like the bush fires the infections steeply rising.
And the curses prevail the nation with the firing beacon.

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