The Ode For Twin Star Poem by Kinsley Lee

The Ode For Twin Star

Rating: 4.5

-In Memory of the Air-Force Pilot, the Father Myung-Ryul Park, and his Son In-Chul Park…

The hillside is dusky when the sun set in the west,
The riverbank the road lights flash on the dandy creased
Roads. In the small cell, they prepare for their rest.
And on the sky, the stars appear their faces in the east.
But the outside of the land the day's affair's not finished,
Under the starlight their busyness are not diminished.

One day the gravestone was erected in this hallowed ground,
And with greeting, a new star appeared in the sky at night,
And the four-year son's waiting his sire to the airplane's sound,
And longing for father but only the star's beaming the light
When he grown up, been an air-force pilot to fly
But one day, sadly he chased his father in the sky.

Yon, the twin tombstones on this land. Hark!
The twin stars on the sky, on this hill and river, they shine.
Without the resting the gray tombstones gleam in dark,
The last post blows the calmly sounds in this shrine.
For their living days for their country they did their best,
And the small cells under the ground the all souls rest.

Owing to the sacrifice of the stars the road-lights shine
And the Pleasure boat progress upstream on the river
And hot summer on the farm the grapes are maturing on the vine
For wine. We must not forget their sacrifice forever.
For this country, he left this land for being a star,
And even his son chased him for being another star.
(10th, Jul.,2023, Kinsley Lee)

The Ode For Twin Star
MAHTAB BANGALEE 10 February 2024

great sacrifice; nice to read the memorial poem as in the sense of an elegy; nicely penned

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Nahidha Nahii 23 October 2023


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Sylvia Frances Chan 31 July 2023

Excellent Ode, dear Kinsley, most deserving Ode for TOP Marks and to My Favourites.. Very sad memory but I enjoyed tremendously your words. TFS

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Nabakishore Dash 11 July 2023

Well crafted ode dear poet.

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