At The Nam-San Poem by Kinsley Lee

At The Nam-San

There's a small mountain in the center of the street, the tower
Is stand up. To the southward, the river is flowing.
And people ascend the mountain at noon-hour.
The trees in the side of the roads, they're flowering

The foot of the mountain in a southwards direction,
There're many alleys and beautiful houses
On the area, and the young had gathered for ejection
Of the passion, with the masks instead of the blouses.

The accident! The disaster was occurred at the place.
The broadcasts had been encouraging the festival.
But Blaming! But they hid their former face
And shifted their position easily like an Evil.

The broadcasts blamed the government every
Days, and the politicians asserted the punishment
To the persons in charge as their benefit, and the plot-theory
Was brought and spread by someone, to the government.

The investigation for the cause of the accident, and the supplement
The system for preventing recurrence is not their interest.
The labor unions were congregated but the treatment
For the injured isn't their aim. They flocked as the interest.

The autopsies were not executed by the medical authorities
The dead were sent for burning out
With all of the proofs for social securities.
And it only left the social groups' shout.

But the people're not fool to be deceived again,
They're enough to clever to know the truth,
And they'll improve the system and never again
For occurring the accident, it's the commitment with the youth.

The river is flowing far away
It's delivering the joyous and sorrowful stories.
In the twilight sky the sun fades away
And tomorrow we'll make the other stories.

At The Nam-San
The Nam-San is the small mountain which is located in center of the Seoul, and the Han river run through from the East to West in Seoul.
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