Dr. Antony Theodore Kiss Poems

When I Kiss You

When i kiss you
I kiss my own awareness
At your holy presence.

I Want To Kiss The Roots

The little stream sings and dances
on its way to the flower tree.
Waters bubble when it thinks of the flower tree.

Give Me A Sweet Little Kiss On My Nose

Listen, the nightingale sings.
The moon listens.
Your gentle voice
pierces through my soul.

Kiss On The Corner Of The Soul

The Spirit speaks through the eyes.
The little butterfly of the heart
kisses the little corners of the soul
and rediscovers the smiling innocence.

The Roots Hug And Kiss

The roots of the earth
hug and kiss secretly
and the sand is happy to see
those secret hugs and kisses.

Then Will You Wet My Lips With The Kiss Of Your Soul?

I am on my way to you Lord.
With faltering steps
I dare to climb up to you.

„let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth" .

„Let Him kiss me with The kisses of His mouth'.
Bride speaks these words in the Song of Solomon in The Holy Bible.
It is the soul thirsting for God. She who asks this is held by the bond of love.
Of all the sentiments of nature, this of love is the most excellent, especially when it is rendered back to Him who is the principle and fountain of it. That is God.

Let Him Kiss Me With The Kisses Of His Mouth.

Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth.
It is the soul thirsting for God.
She is held by the bond of love to Him.
Of all the sentiments of nature

A Loving And Sincere Kiss Of Love

A sincere kiss in deep love
improves one's confidence.

It increases self-esteem

Kiss The Forehead In Compassion

Filled with pure compassion
Kiss the forehead
between the eyebrows.

Until Dawn Kiss My Singing Lips

Enter into his presence
singing and dancing.

Play on your lyre,

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