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Even through my wildest dreams
I never thought she'd be my friend
That's the situation here it would seem
But she's always there in the end

Don't look so down and just do your smile
Frowning was just never your style
Please, Stop crying
Come on now, no need for hiding

It's over now, nobody knows
My life's a cruel show
They remember the mess she orchestrated
When will she go and fade?

We all made mistakes in our lives
Each deed, stabbing our souls like knives
I should've known that you're not happy
Being here with me

It was a hot, summer day
Where the pool glistened and children play
The smell of grilled meat permeated the air
It was a trip unlike anywhere

Beware the figure,
Who welcomes you home
Behind careful masks,
Their tortured souls will roam

Where the sunset
Kissed the valley,
There the twilight
Breaks through ever-free,

The Girl smiled and walked down the road
Posture straight, and shoulders broad
In her way she says a simple 'Hello! '
Never did she have a foe

Jesus came to me on a dull, grey twilight
With a special duty to entrust me with,
His sublime kindness vanquishing all my worries tonight
I was to compose a Gospel that would be the fifth,

The rich, thick soil in my hand I have press
The green, lush leaves in their stems I caress
In my clear vision, in the light, there was life
In the dark side of this land, in war, there was a knife

One, Two, Three
We were young and,
we just couldn't see

The rhythm vibrates
The melody radiates,
Isn't it already enough?
With music here with us

The owls awake
The moon has rise
Child, time for your break
Hush now, silence your cries

Complex or Simple?
Studying, Observing then Speaking
More than just words

They all walk in with designer shoes
While I stood there with nothing yet to choose
They all ride off in fancy cars
While I have to walk so far

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" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it." I am a girl who has seen things both bad and good all over this world. At a young age I stopped believing in many childish antics and have to face the harsh reality of life. I would've broke and snap a long time ago, but the Lord God had mercy on me and made me stronger, he used my past to let me be more open minded and full of wisdom. The Poems I have written or type may not be as good as the others all around here but, I tell a story in each poem and I have put myself in it. I hope that you can feel my emotions while reading it. Blessed be the Lord God! May he continue to bless us all!)

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My Imagination

Even through my wildest dreams
I never thought she'd be my friend
That's the situation here it would seem
But she's always there in the end

She's a colorful, happy Jester
With many tricks up her sleeves
Everything is even better
Because I know she'll never leave

Every day we'll play pirates & cars
Make our own little house
then having our own playful wars
And then we try to catch our own fleeing mouse

One gloomy day, she and I fight
Because I was leaving, Maybe even forever
She's lost in my sight
Forget her? I would never

Many years passed by
And I have grown up
I looked up in the sky
I have to do my windup

I went to my room
Hoping to see her
Nothing was there, except my gloom
I cried and cried, I knew I was a liar

Now she's all gone
And I am alone
She took my happiness and admiration
But who am I to stop it? She's just my imagination

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What's the point of living here in this world, if you are just gonna end up lonely?

'Finding Inspiration and the right words to write is hard but I am a poet and I will do anything to inspire myself and you at the same time'

'When I finally feel the cold caress of Death I wanted to do just one thing, Before I run pass the line of life and unto the realm of death, I would reflect upon my past and say THANK YOU to everyone.'

'Things may always seem horrible at the worst of times, but, God has reasons for giving you problems, The Divine one will never give you problems that you can never handle.'

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Kristina Tapayan Popularity

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