Kristine Michelle Brillo Poems

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Dreams Come True

It's always been a dream to travel,
Wandering and strolling around the world,
To see the beauty of the magical cities,
And the mysterious stories in every corner of enchanted walls.

A Friend, A Sister

A friend is someone, whom I considered to be my treasure,
The typical person who possess the true value of friendship,
It didn’t start the way I wanted to be,
Takes time to mold the relationship between the two of us.

For You Sam

I am not good with words
But i care very much
This poem is my way
Of staying in touch.

A Great Friend

You are a great friend
You deserve a big smile
So take a moment to read
The poem I've compiled!

Career Woman

Fingers on the keys
A glow upon my face
Cursor isn't moving
But I've got to win the race.

Amazing Friends

I have pals, who are such an amazing,
Someone I can call so good to be true,
A friend from the start……and rare to find!
Nevertheless, additional pieces to my life

A Friend

So much to tell you
Don’t know where to start
The words I am expressing
Come from deep in my heart.

Just Wanna Have Fun

Going here and there is what I do
Exploring every place is so fascinating
I cannot stand alone of doing not anything
So I pack up my bags and ready to go.


Mother's Day is here
And I appreciate
All the things you do
To make our family great.

A True & Exceptional Person

Meeting different persons in our daily life is a gift,
It might be a family, a friend, or a lover,
A person who gives significance to our existence,
Some may be temporary or permanent but it will remain in our heart forever.

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