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From Beginning To End

For every beginning, there is an end
the space in between we must fill in.
With youthful skin, a fiery lust for life
celebrating each New Year with delight.

A Simple Act Of Charity

A simple act of charity
the giving of yourself.
No, it is not pity,
it is quite something else.


When I wokeup this morning
the sun was shining so bright.
So much nicer than yesterday
my heart was sunny and light.

Watching The Sky

I reach for the end of day
orange, pink, lavender, gray
and watch it slide out of my
fingers as the sun dips behind

Muted Shades Of Me

Here I stand in muted shades
of what I sincerely believe I am.
Yet I keep finding new shades
each day that rolls around.

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Ernestine Northover 18 January 2006

I agree with Mary, you seem to be in such lovely surroundings, and you look lovely too. I was born in the country but now live in town, but miss it. I shall enjoy reading your poems as they are posted, and welcome to Ph and to everything that's on offer here. Nice to have you aboard. Love Ernestine XXX

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Mary Nagy 18 January 2006

I read your bio. and I'm so.....jealous! You are living as I only dream of one day, so close to nature and with the animals! Oh how lucky you are! :) Take care. Sincerely, Mary

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I am a 58 y/o female, retired and loving it. I only began writing poetry after I retired 3 yrs ago. I love my family, adore my 4 grandsons and live a peaceful serene life in the country. I love nature and sit many hours watching the wildlife roam. We have everything from armadillos to wild pigs and just about anything you can imagine including ...

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