Lamar Cole Poems

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Autumn Chill

It's twilight.
The sun escorts the moon to the night.
The sun sleeps, the wind howls.
My sweetheart smiles.


He remembered when he had it all.
When his head wasn't so bald.
He remembered how she use to run her hands through his hair.
But now there is nothing there.

For Farrah (Fawcett)

A great beauty has passed from this life.
Of good times and sometimes toil and strife.
Some will say that she went to a better place.
Look at the blue sky or a white cloud, you will still see her face.

Wild Things

If wolves could sing.
They would do their thing.
They would sing about chasing deer.
And never having any fear.

Rini The Poet

On Poem Hunter there is a poet named Rini.
Whose poems are becoming known to many.
She writes with such style and creativity.
Put on Poem Hunter for all the world to see.

Basketful Of Pills

When he was young, he use to look forward to a basketful of thrills.
Now he only looks forward to a basketful of pills.
He takes a pill for this and a pill for that.
Sometimes he feels like a lab rat.

High And Low

He had searched for his true love high and low.
He might forever be alone, this he did not know.
But it must have been fate.
Him asking her out on a date.

Peppermint Kiss

If a genie could grant me a wish.
I would love to feel again the heavenly bliss.
From the taste of your peppermint kiss.

The Fifties

Back in the fifties.
It seems like the air was cleaner.
The girls were prettier.
And the grass was greener.


Our love is written in the stars.
Illuminating the universe from Mercury to Mars.
Our love is floating in the sky.
Dancing above the clouds so high.

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